Summer is almost over but not quite yet, and who doesn’t like to have a few extra movie ideas to let the kids choose from, right? To continue all of the Awesome from Part 1, I bring you Part 2. I have watched some of these so many times I’ve lost count. My kids are becoming quoting pros and I’m pretty proud. Bask in the glory of 10 more of my favorite childhood movies.

The Sandlot (1993) PG

Scott Smalls (Tom Guiry) is the new kid in town during the summer of 1962. He’s taken under the wing of the captain of the neighborhood baseball team, Benny Rodriguez (Mike Vitar), and it turns into a summer he will never forget. Staring Art LeFleur, James Earl Jones, Denis Leary.


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Heavyweights (1995) PG

Gerry Garner (Aaron Schwartz) is sent to a “fat camp” by his parents for his summer vacation.  It doesn’t seem so bad once he meets Camp Counselor Pat (Tom McGowan) who grew up going to Camp Hope and tells Gerry all the awesome things they are going to do. But the summer looks like it’s all about to change for the worst when the owners decide to sell and Tony Perkins (Ben Stiller) takes over and madness ensues.


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Cool Runnings (1993) PG

Derrice Bannock (Leon) has worked his tail off to qualify as an Olympic Sprinter in the 1988 Olympics. After a fellow sprinter falls during qualifiers and takes Derrice down he knows his dreams are over. After seeing a photo of his father on the wall next to a man that tried to form the first Jamaican Bobsled team, he finds out he still lives on the island and is Irving Blitzer (John Candy). He rounds up some of his best friends and convinces Blitzer to help him coach and form the first Jamaican bobsled team. After qualifying for the Olympic games, against all odds, it will take nothing short of a miracle for them to win.


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The Karate Kid (1984) PG

When Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) and his Mom move from New Jersey to California, he is quickly bullied by a gang of kids at his high school for being the outcast. He finds out they all go to the same Karate school and soon they find an opportunity to gang up on him. Before Daniel passes out he sees an old gardener coming to his rescue. When he comes to, his new mentor Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) promises to teach him to defend himself, and the art of Karate.  After signing up for an all-state tournament the two go head-to-head with the bullies from school and the monster of a coach.

The karate kid

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Surf Ninjas (1993) PG

Johnny (Ernie Reyes Jr.) and Adam (Nicolas Cowan)  were adopted at a very young age by Marine Vet Mac. They live a carefree life on the California coast, going on adventures with their best friend Iggy (Rob Schneider). One day a man named Zatch (Ernie Reyes Sr.) shows up and the boys get bad news – they are the sons of a small island’s last king and their country is in ruins from Colonel Chi (Leslie Neilsen), who is destroying their homeland of Patusan. Zatch must convince the boys that they have more power than they know and that the future of Patusan rests on their shoulders.

surf ninjas

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Ghostbusters (1984) PG

Peter (Bill Murray), Ray (Dan Akroyd), and Egon (Harold Ramis) are all scientists at the Columbia University in New York, where they teach science and occult studies. When their department is terminated and their grant money is gone, the three scientists start up their own business they call the Ghostbusters. At first the outlook is bleak, but suddenly paranormal activity in the city ramps up and their phones are ringing off the hook. They think they’ve got this ghost hunting thing all figured out until they get a call from Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) about poltergeist activity in her apartment. The guys find themselves up against something a whole lot more powerful than your neighborhood haunting.


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Man of the House (1995) PG

Ben Archer (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) has gotten used to a life where it is just him and his Mom (Farrah Fawcett) after his parents’ divorce. When his Mom meets a new guy, Jack (Chevy Chase), before you know it they all live together. Ben is not quite ready for all the changes that come along with a new man in the house and devises a plan to take Jack on his Indian Guide camping trip thinking that he can scare him off. But there’s more than just pranks waiting for Jack in the forest and Ben needs to decide if he is going to help out or not.

Man of the House

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Matilda (1996) PG

Matilda (Mara Wilson) has grown up feeling like the black sheep of her family. Her Dad (Danny DeVito) is a lying used car salesman and her Mom (Rhea Perlman) is a lazy stay-at-home wife and mother to her and her equally lazy brother. Matilda has always loved to read and learn, even from a very young age, and she is ecstatic to start school. But once she gets there she find that the head master is the awful Ms. Trunchbull (Pam Ferris). With the help of her sweet teacher Miss Honey (Embeth Davidtz) and a few friends, Matilda finds her place in the big world.


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Jumanji (1995) PG

In 1969, 12 year-old Alan Parrish (Robin Williams) vanishes one night after playing a game he found with his friend Sara Whittle (Bonnie Hunt). Sara swears that the game, Jumanji, sucked Alan right in after he rolled and the game read “In the jungle you must wait until the dice read 5 or 8…” 26 years later, Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter (Bradley Pierce)  move into Alan’s old home with their Aunt after they lose their parents in a car accident. The two find the game with the pieces just in the spots they were when Alan and Sara played. When one of the kids rolls the dice, Alan reappears and they must finish the game to save their world from being taken over by Jumanji.


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) PG

After contact with a substance called “ooze”, four turtles and a rat mutate into a humanlike state. The Rat, Master Splinter, takes care of the four turtles and trains them in martial arts. When their arch-nemesis shows up, the turtles decide they are going to take out Master Shredder once and for all. So Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo must work together to stop Shredder from destroying New York City. Voices by Josh Pais, Brian Tochi, Corey Feldman, Robbie Rist, Kevin Cash, James Saito.


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