Dear Lonely Mom,

I see you. I see all versions of you.

I see you, trailblazer mom. The first of your core group to start a family. Your child has what feels like a trillion doting “aunts” and “uncles”, but when it comes to having someone to talk about shades of poop and when to worry with, you and your tiny one are woefully alone.

I see you, nap time prisoner mom. Your day, and your sanity, rely on the meticulous schedule you put your sweat and tears (so many tears) into crafting. Your little one has finally started yawning at 11:50am because you are a fierce routine goddess whose child naps at noon, temptations to deviate be damned. I see you as you decline yet another lunch invite from friends of both the child and childless variety. I see you as you set down (or just completely down) that glass of wine to leave your best friend’s birthday party obscenely early because dinner and bedtime routine for your tiny tag-a-long starts in 20 minutes.

I see you, working mom. The hours you spend unshackled from your desk (at home or in office) are reserved for dinner making, homework doing, activity shuffling, tiny butt washing, book reading, floor sweeping, DECOMPRESSING and all that it entails. You don’t have the time, the energy, the desire to venture out into the world and awkwardly begin a conversation with that potential mom friend at Ruby Tuesdays who is gushing over the same Bachelorette contestant that you were gushing about to your loving yet apathetic husband just two nights ago.

I see you, introvert mom. The mom who never realized until two kids and a dog who sheds hair like TSwift sheds men that you desire the seemingly few and far between friends who can sustain a meaningful relationship on bi-monthly meet-ups and a thriving text/social media dialogue.

To all moms, lonely or not, I see you. I see you doing your best. I see you thirsting for human interaction. But more specifically interaction that relates, sympathizes, understands, commiserates, sometimes advises, and so much more. This may not be your jam – which is totally cool. You do you, mama bear – but I have some cool news to share…

I recently discovered an app; a tinder for moms (not called Minder as my husband unsurprisingly suggested, because dad jokes.) Released earlier this year, the app Peanut aims to connect local moms with shared interests. Choose 3 “categories” to lump yourself into (ex: Runs on Caffeine, Wino, Hot Mess, Outdoorsy, Gamer, etc.) and give a brief description of how you get down as a mom, as well as a few other minor details, and begin. Swipe up to say hi and swipe down to pass. Which may seem harsh but I have witnessed conversations between moms (for example, crunchy moms and moms who buy stock in high fructose corn syrup) that rivaled the debates from the 2016 Presidential Election.

So far I am only a couple of days into using the app but have already made a few connections. Stand by for a full review once I have followed through with a few of the meetups I have scheduled.


Chrissy is a stay-at-home mother who thoroughly enjoys pizza, stretchy pants, writing, and approximately eleven Diet Pepsis a day. She functions as an undercover introvert, revealing her personality through her writing. She is an avid supporter of creative expression and the oxford comma. You can find her on and on Facebook

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