Illustrated by Todd Dakins

Submitted by Julie Bond


Maxi and the Bark in the Dark,” by Bill Kroyer is more than just a charmingly illustrated children’s book for kids from kindergarten to second grade. It is the gateway to an interactive experience! Kids and their parents can download the free Playing Forward Vroom app and then view this book and others like it as they come to life using this new, kid-centered, engaging format.

The entire “Adventures of Taxi Dog” series is part of a larger educational program designed to teach young children about empathy, courage, and character. The books in the series are fun, straight-forward adventures featuring Maxi, a dog who loves to ride around in a taxi cab with her owner, Jim, the taxi driver. For parents and educators interested in the concept of SEL, social and emotional learning, these books are the perfect choice as they combine aesthetically pleasing visual images with fun content that appeals to children.


In “Maxi and the Bark in the Dark,” Maxi helps the local museum’s night custodian, Tupa, overcome his fear of the dark while making sure that, together, they get all of the exhibits clean for the next day, and help a co-worker along the way!

“Maxi the Taxi Dog” books are available in hardcover and paperback formats, and there will even be titles available in Spanish. For example, “Maxi Taxi-Saurus,” written by Melinda LaRose and designed by Pascal Dizin and Leslie Hinton presents Maxi and Jim as real life characters in a live action cartoon format. This story focuses on what it means to be a good friend and will be available soon, but for now, we have a promotional copy of this story, in paperback, along with a hard cover copy of “Maxi and the Bark in the Dark,” and a Maxi hand puppet available to one lucky Sweatpants & Coffee follower! Enter below to win!


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