By Jerusha Gray

I promise you, all of these posters were in my room. Seeing these faces again makes me want to put on carpenter jeans and Docs and listen to Tragic Kingdom. Don’t judge – I am too busy judging myself.


Jonathan Brandis | Image Credit: Pinterest

1. Jonathan Brandis

Two words for you: Sea Quest. Jonathan made my little pre-pubescent heart pound just a little bit faster.

Quote: “Teen magazines keep writing that my eyes “twinkle” when I talk. Look, I’m a guy. I don’t twinkle, you know! You can say that eyes “sparkle”, maybe, but not “twinkle”, alright? Got that, teen magazine writers?


Devon Sawa | Image Credit: Static

2. Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa is another reason I love Canada. I wanted to punch Christina Ricci when he kissed her in Casper and in Now and Then. Dang it, Christina, stop moving in on my game.

Quote: “I would like to do something a little bit more edgy.”


Brad Renfro | Image Credit: Pics of Celebrities

3. Brad Renfro

All Hail the Bowl Cut. I loved him in Tom and Huck. I wore a DVD of that movie out.

Quote: “I choose films for their artistic value. I don’t need a mansion or a Jaguar. When I leave this earth, I won’t take any money with me. All I will leave behind will be my art.”


Erik von Detten | Image Credit: Buzzfeed

4. Erik von Detten

I can’t see his face without thinking about roller skating and fog machines. There was a Tiger Beat poster of him in the bathroom of the skating rink. It brings me right back to being 13 again. Erik, I love you. Don’t ever change.

Quote: “In a girl I look for honesty above all; someone who I can carry on a conversation with, someone who has a good sense of humor, someone who’s true to herself, and to top it, someone who can get ready for a date in less than ten minutes.”


Christian Slater | Image Credit:

5. Christian Slater

I am fairly certain that Christian Slater invented smoldering eyes and floppy hair. Smolder on, Christian. The world needs you.

Quote: “If I make a move, like raise my eyebrows, some critic says I’m doing Nicholson. What am I supposed to do, cut off my eyebrows?”

If you need me, I’ll be hiding in my room, practicing being angsty.



Jerusha Gray

Jerusha Gray is insatiably curious. This curiosity, coupled with a brain that never shuts up, drives her to paint and draw, read prodigiously, make music, write, and sing in grocery stores.


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