Face front, true believers!

The legendary Stan Lee, a comic book writer, publisher, editor, and former president of Marvel Comics, has passed away at the age of 95. As the creator of so many larger-than-life characters, and so many icons of all of our childhoods, what really set Stan Lee’s creations apart from the rest was their innate humanity. Stan Lee’s heroes were as complex as human beings – as funny, damaged, troubled, flawed, fragile, strong, brave, fearful, and loving as any one of us. This is undoubtedly why his characters were so beloved by so many. We could see ourselves in them; from Peter Parker to Spiderman, Bruce Banner to The Hulk. We were them, and they were us.

In honor of Lee’s passing, we have put together this collection of some of our favorites of his quotes.

Excelsior, sir; and rest in peace. You will be deeply missed.

Image Credits: Washington Post, The Verge, Inverse, IGN, Marvel Studios


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