First of all, if you think I am confused by what this movie is actually titled, I’ll have you know that I’m not—Google is. Trust me, every single time I tried to search for Do Over it repeatedly kept asking if I meant The Do Over and I had to be all “Noooo, Googlepants, I want the movie with Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls in it, not Adam Sandler!” to which Google finally nodded its head in reply with an IMDB link.

A movie with Aaron Samuels in it? I am so there. I mean, look at him. But also, because everything about Mean Girls is ahh-mazing, amirite? I not only speak fluent Mean Girls quotes, but so do my most favoritest of friends. It is not only an absolutely iconic movie, but is basically one of the most perfect movies in the history of moviedom.

Let’s get some things out of the way ASAP: this movie is nothing like Mean Girls. Jonathan Bennett’s character, Anthony, isn’t anything like Aaron Samuels. Once you embrace those two facts, you may really enjoy this film.


The premise is pretty damned clever: a group of besties are having some beers and spend the evening sharing epic (and not so epic) tales of losing their virginity. The guys make their experiences sound super-duper amazing while Angela (brilliantly played by Amy Paffrath who I am now in love with) suggests that maybe the guys only THINK it was amazing when in reality—it actually sucked. Angela lays down the gauntlet and issues the challenge that if each of them can find their “firsts” they can offer a re-do, and also find out just how bad they were. Thus, we get to go on hilariously cringe worthy dates (“Re-booty Calls”). The most awkward participant is Not Aaron Samuels, who gets not one, but two surprising plot twists that I won’t ruin for you. The rest of the besties go on their dates and though some things I predicted-slash-rooted for happened, there are some little shake-ups along the way that kept me invested until the very little last sip of wine in my glass was done-zo.

This movie highlights the kind of group bestie dynamic that makes you yearn for a small messy apartment with chicks and dudes who snuggle in a massive pile while you love, share and commiserate until some inevitable conflict on some undetermined date when someone either uses all your shit or steals your man. Everyone has those relationships or situations that they sometimes play the “What if…” game with and this film does a pretty damned good job exploring that.

The real gold stars for this movie go to Drew Seely, who plays Sean, and the aforementioned Amy Paffrath, who I plan to stalk all over social media once I finish typing this. They delivered honest and charismatic performances worthy of finding anything else they’ve been in and watching it.

The background soundtrack alone is worth a YouTube search and there are some really witty one liners. (A particular shout-out for mention of the best (and most scientific!) movie ever: The Day After Tomorrow.)

Sean: You should call her, Ryan. What’s the worst that could happen?

Anthony: The worst that could happen? Have you seen The Day After Tomorrow? Have you heard of Global Warming? You can’t go back and fix shit, dude. It’s like The Terminator, they fuck it up for three more movies.

I affectionately think of this movie as “Sneak Attack” because as I watched it and would decide every few minutes that it was pretty much only good for background noise while I updated my Pinterest boards, someone would deliver a super witty line or make me actually laugh out loud and zing! I was totally paying attention. I spent the first 15 minutes this movie boo-hooing because it wasn’t a Mean Girls spin-off and the 10 minutes after it was over trying to decide if I wanted to watch it again. (I’m totally watching it again, in case you were wondering)

It was just fun.

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If I were you I’d watch it, because Amy, but you know, also for fun.

Reviewer’s note: While “researching’ Amy for this piece I found the most awesome thing:

Amy and Drew are MARRIED.


Yes, Jake Ryan, married.

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My two favorite things about this movie are one another’s favorite things? That is so fetch. It’s like I have ESPN or something.



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