I went into this movie with blinders. I had no idea what it was about or where the idea came from, other than from what I saw in the trailer. Which, to be fair, gave away enough of the plot, but my point is that I didn’t read the book or even know it was from a book.

Amandla Stenberg, the actress who plays the main character, Maddy, was outstanding. I cannot use enough big words to describe her performance in this movie. Nick Robinson, who plays Olly, the love interest, turns in a great performance. Nick kinda reminded me of Ansel Elgort from “The Fault in Our Stars” with his charming, cool-but-not-too-cool act. In general, the acting in this movie was really, really good and Nick and Amandla just glowed in every scene.

If you love teen romance movies then you’re guaranteed to love this one. From my perspective, this movie is about self-discovery and triumph, almost. Maddy is very sick and unable to go outside or else she will die. Or so we’re told. Everything, Everything will surprise you, and I think you’ll leave the theater absolutely shocked. The movie just makes sense. It does a great job of answering the viewers’ questions, and it leaves no stone unturned. My favorite aspect of the movie was the text conversations. Amandla’s character, Maddy, has a HUGE, descriptive imagination. The text conversations are shown through actual person-to-person dialogue. Except obviously the characters are not together. It’s just really cool and cute. They’ll show them talking in a diner or a library, and it’s obvious that it’s dream-like, but it just makes the movie so much better than if they just showed us the text pop-ups.

My only issue with the movie is that despite its hour and a half length, it still dragged in some parts. It isn’t perfect, and it can be predictable at times, but that’s most movies in this genre. Everything, Everything was funny, thrilling, and heartwarming throughout. I highly suggest you go watch it. I give it a 8.6/10.

My name is Andy Dominic Hernandez IV. I typically go by Dominic. I hate when people spell my name Dominique or pronounce it like that. I am 18 and a sophomore in college. I have a younger brother and that’s about it. I’m a journalism major at UNT with hopes of being something in entertainment. I absolutely love movies and go at least once every weekend. I’m either on listening to music or watching something on Netflix to post on my YouTube channel. dominataur@me.com

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