By Andy Dominic

Adam Sandler stars in his third exclusive movie with Netflix, “Sandy Wexler.” This is a star-studded movie with cameo appearances from some of the biggest names in Hollywood from the past and present, ranging from Arsenio Hall to Lamorne Morris. It was directed by Steven Brill. Sandy Wexler is a talent manager who can’t get his talent over the top until he meets Jennifer Hudson’s character at Six Flags. Courtney, Jennifer’s character, seems to be the only one who likes Sandy’s cluelessness and which is a good thing, because Sandy’s good ideas are far and few between.

The style of the movie is something I am usually not a fan of. If you’ve watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” then you should have an idea of what I mean. This movie opens up with various big names that have appeared in previous Adam Sandler movies, like Henry Winkler discussing Sandy Wexler, Sandler’s character, at an event of some sort. They refer to him in the third person, leading us to believe that he is either dead or just not present at the event. I could have done without the interview feel of whenever they’d cut back to present-day. However, as the movie continued, I found it added to the character’s mystique and we gained little details here and there about Courtney and Sandy. The “interviews” come full circle at the end of the movie and totally changed my mind about the style. In this specific movie.

The story is set in the 1990s. That might be one of the top 5 reasons I continued watching. It can’t be overstated how much I loved Adam Sandler’s glasses. I honestly want to buy a pair. Whoever was the costume designer deserves a pay raise or a promotion because he/she did their job. The style of the clothes added to the retro feel and aesthetically made it funnier. Small things like this can impact whether I’ll continue watching a movie or not.

Sandler brings back his awkward, high-pitched voice from “The Water Boy” as well as the same persona of an air-headed, obnoxious, clueless adult. In some instances, it can be incredibly funny but it doesn’t stop. My biggest issue is Sandy’s continual lying. It’s meant to be funny but is actually rather annoying. As many Adam Sandler movies do, though, this movie grew on me. I couldn’t believe it was two hours long but the length actually felt vital to the success of the movie. If it was any shorter, or if any details had been left out, the story line wouldn’t have worked. It would’ve felt incomplete.

Overall, this movie was a 7/10 for me. It’s a re-watchable movie for me, which says something. It’s 7/10 because of the time it took to engage me and the fact that it needed the whole 2 hours to win me over.

My name is Andy Dominic Hernandez IV. I typically go by Dominic. I hate when people spell my name Dominique or pronounce it like that. I am 18 and a sophomore in college. I have a younger brother and that’s about it. I’m a journalism major at UNT with hopes of being something in entertainment. I absolutely love movies and go at least once every weekend. I’m either on listening to music or watching something on Netflix to post on my YouTube channel.

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