I did not want to watch this movie. Tom Cruise is great and all, but my assumption before watching this movie is that he’s washed. Past his prime. And Jake Johnson in a movie about Egyptian gods? Definitely not a movie I’d expect to see him in. Annabelle Wallis was in the confusion that was Come and Find Me, and I’ve generally never cared for a movie that Russell Crowe appears in, so why would I go see this movie? I wouldn’t. If it weren’t for the fact that my grandparents and I have a tradition of going every weekend, so off we went.

I, for one, am glad we did, because to my surprise ,I really enjoyed Tom Cruise’s iteration of The Mummy. It wasn’t the funniest, and there aren’t a ton of action sequences, but it was very entertaining. I know what you’re thinking. How is a movie without much comedy and very little action entertaining? Well, first off, I didn’t say it was the best movie I have ever seen. But the story line was original. Which made it interesting. I’ve never seen a movie about a female princess-to-be who becomes an evil Egyptian god.

Jake Johnson’s role was perfect in this movie as the comedy relief, and I really hope he appears in the possible sequel. He didn’t appear a whole lot, a few scenes here, a few scenes there, but when he did, I thought he was a plus. That’s what I want to see from Jake Johnson. He was in it as much as you’d expect, and not a minute more. He’s come out in a couple good romantic comedy movies, but you can tell, based off his appearance in this movie, that he’s attempting to venture out of that a bit. Clearly he’s sticking to what he’s good at, which is being a dorky, funny guy, but it works. Why change a good thing? Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. We got a couple of  those minor Tom Cruise runs that we’ve become accustomed to seeing in a movie featuring Tom Cruise. This wasn’t by any means the best performance he’s ever had in a movie, but it wasn’t as terrible as others are saying, at least in my opinion. Annabelle Wallis is okay in her role. She plays a strong female character who is determined to uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt. Her character has a small twist, but nothing major. Russell Crowe plays Dr. Henry Jekyll, and it did not cross my mind that he was Jekyll and Hyde. I realized this only after the fact, and my mind was blown a bit. Lastly, Sofia Boutella is THE MUMMY. If I saw her on the street I would turn and run the other way. She was this ultra-powerful Egyptian goddess capable of what seemed like almost anything. In the end, I began to feel empathy for her character because she was wronged. Princess Ahmanet was this beautiful woman with the ability to beat up a man, and as a woman in ancient Egypt, she had little control over whether she could rule Egypt, so she took matters into her own hands. It’s quite respectable if you think about it.

The character development in this movie isn’t the best. We don’t really learn a ton about each character individually, aside from Princess Ahmanet. That’s not great, considering this movie is the first of what is supposed to be a series. The special effects were alright but not CRAZY AWESOME excepting the one scene from the trailer. Overall, though, I remained entertained throughout and left the movie theater satisfied. What more can you ask for? It wasn’t boring. It didn’t drag. This movie was a solid 7, and considering who starred in this movie, that’s better than I expected going in. I thought I would be bored by The Mummy. I’m glad I wasn’t.


My name is Andy Dominic Hernandez IV. I typically go by Dominic. I hate when people spell my name Dominique or pronounce it like that. I am 18 and a sophomore in college. I have a younger brother and that’s about it. I’m a journalism major at UNT with hopes of being something in entertainment. I absolutely love movies and go at least once every weekend. I’m either listening to music or watching something on Netflix to post on my YouTube channel. You can contact me at dominataur@me.com.

Andy Dominic, NOT to be confused with Dominique, is a journalist major and an avid movie goer and film watcher. Known to sit and watch his favorites probably hundreds of times with an interest also in music and of course, Netflix. You can catch most his thoughts on entertainment and life on his YouTube channel, or email him at dominataur@me.com. Find him on Instagram @andydo22inic and on Twitter @do22inic.


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