For a 2 hour 29 minute movie, Wonder Woman felt like it wasn’t long enough, and not because it left anything out or ended on a cliffhanger. It just was that good. You left the movie theater wanting more.

I don’t typically purchase superhero movie. I mostly think that the majority of them are one time viewings, but this will definitely be added to my movie collection when it hits stores in a few months. If you leave the theater disappointed, I can’t imagine what would please you because as far as I’m concerned  this movie hits the nail on the head. It checks every box. The fight scenes were great, the storytelling was spot on, it flowed perfectly. A lot of these superhero origin movies feel rushed but not Wonder Woman. The director, Patty Jenkins, gave it enough time to breathe and really allow the story to unfold.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine have amazing on-screen chemistry. Every scene they share together is great, and they really complement each other throughout the entire movie. They make you root for them and for their mission. They have different motives as to why they want to fight but in the end they share a common goal of world peace. They need each other to succeed. As powerful and smart as Wonder Woman is, she needs Steve Trevor’s guidance. She was safe guarded from the world growing up on Themyscira. Steve educates her about the outside world in the early part of the movie and we see a naivete in Diana.

Patty Jenkins, did an outstanding job of laying out the origin story of Wonder Woman. DC really delivers what fans have been asking for. Gal Gadot’s performance was fantastic. Her iteration of Diana, the powerful Wonder Woman, was perfect: strong, courageous, thoughtful, humane, charismatic. She really brought it for this movie, and her action scenes were even better, especially the fight scenes. The CGI and the use of special effects are impressive.

I found myself believing in Wonder Woman and wanting to fight for her. Chris Pine, too, is absolutely critical to the success of this movie. His wittiness and funny one-liners add much-needed charm, and you can’t help but root for him, too.

Wonder Woman is the best superhero movie in recent memory – in my opinion, better than any movie Marvel has ever put out. We’ve a little over a month before Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out but even after it does, Wonder Woman may still be ahead of it in my personal rankings. This is coming from a Spider-Man STAN. I am more excited to HEAR about another Wonder Woman movie than I am to WATCH another Superman or Batman movie. I have to give this move two thumbs up, 5 stars, a 10/10 rating.


My name is Andy Dominic Hernandez IV. I typically go by Dominic. I hate when people spell my name Dominique or pronounce it like that. I am 18 and a sophomore in college. I have a younger brother and that’s about it. I’m a journalism major at UNT with hopes of being something in entertainment. I absolutely love movies and go at least once every weekend. I’m either on listening to music or watching something on Netflix to post on my YouTube channel.

Andy Dominic, NOT to be confused with Dominique, is a journalist major and an avid movie goer and film watcher. Known to sit and watch his favorites probably hundreds of times with an interest also in music and of course, Netflix. You can catch most his thoughts on entertainment and life on his YouTube channel, or email him at Find him on Instagram @andydo22inic and on Twitter @do22inic.


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