It’s Pi Day again!


Okay, it’s approximately Pi Day. Or the date that comes the closest to approximating pi. Or, okay, fine, it is the day delineated by our arbitrary system of measurement that most closely approximates pi. When it comes down to it, it’s just another day that has been assigned a series of identifying numbers in an effort to bolster the illusion that we have any control of the intangible concept we call “time.”

Celebrating today because the numbers we arbitrarily slapped on it corresponds with the digits we assigned, by way of our also-kind-of-arbitrary base 10 (aka decimal) numbering system, to the concept of p—though, it only really corresponds on an annual basis among those people who view the date through the other arbitrary system that is American English—is totally irrational. Just like pi! See; the trick to it making sense is to just learn to be comfortable with it not making any sense!

The result of the alignment of multiple arbitrary assignments or not, Pi Day is a glorious day that brings both mathematics and delicious desserts and baked goods to the fore of everyone’s minds—in short, it is a very good day.

To celebrate this most delightful day, here some of my favorite pi (and pie) gifs and videos!



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Happy Pi Day everyone!

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