By Jerusha Gray

May the Fourth Be With You.

I have a confession to make. I love Star Wars. I love everything about Star Wars (with the exception of Jar Jar Binks, naturally). I even like Episode I. Yes, I realize the creative team took unnecessary liberties with the canon (Midichlorians to explain the force? So dumb). What can I say? I dig a good pod race.

The beginning of May brings showers, riots in Seattle, and Star Wars Day. Star Wars Day is celebrated each year on May Fourth. Wookiepedia, my favorite source for all things Star Wars-related, lists the origins of this auspicious day. “The phrase dates back to at least 1979, on the day Margaret Thatcher was elected Britain’s first female Prime Minister. Her party took out a newspaper ad in the London Evening News that said, “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.”

Since 1979, people have chosen to celebrate in a variety of ways. Some examples include movie marathons, costume contests, and the ever-popular bar crawl. wrote an article that gives some great tips for all ages. Take a look.

Have kids at home and want to avoid the crowds? published a list of super fun things to do with the kids.  I am excited to make the Light Saber out of a pool noodle.


You can find that here.

You can also follow parodies of your favorite characters from the films on Twitter.  Some examples include: Depressed Darth,


Emo Kylo Ren


Very Lonely Luke,


Bad Father Han Solo


and Arrogant BB-8

May4th6 has a list of 15 Star Wars parody twitter accounts to bring snark and a smile to your day. You can find the whole list here.

This series has sparked the imaginations of artists everywhere. Lucasfilm and Disney Consumer Products teamed up back in 2014 for a very important mission. Goal: to get people fired up about Star Wars. Mission name: Project Legion. They created 300 Storm Trooper helmets that are six inches in diameter and made of vinyl. They are built to the exact specifications as the one used in the Disney show Star Wars Rebels. These were distributed to a vast pool of professional artists, celebrities who happen to be diehard fans, and street artists to make a one of a kind creation. The response was spectacular and spawned shows across the world in 2015. You can see the whole collection by clicking here.


Here are some of my favorites:

May 4th Collage

Be sure to check out all the submissions for project legion here.

Celebrating May Fourth doesn’t have to be complicated. It is simply an opportunity to recognize our collective love of all things Star Wars and the community surrounding it all.

Star Wars, we tip our hats to you.

May The Fourth Be With You.

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