July 31st is the birthday of beloved fictional character, Harry Potter. It’s also the birthday of his creator, author J.K. Rowling, who is known not just for literary accomplishments but also for her wit and wisdom, particularly on social media. Here are some of her gems:

1. On how living well is the best revenge:

2. On priorities:

3. On the “friend zone”:

4. On alarmism:

5. On creativity:

6. On sartorial choices:

7. On taking compliments:

8. On taking sides:

9. On asking for help:

10. On self-care:

11. On inspiration:

12. On adversity:

13. On looking after your things:

14. On personal safety:

15. On things that go bump in the night:

16. On appearances:

17. On how to save money:

18. On how to deal with haters:

19. On mood signaling:

20. On whether magic exists:



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