10 Great Moments from Supernatural Season 11, Episode 18 – “Hell’s Angel”

We’re down to a handful of episodes before we find out the big cliffhanger that will lead us into Season Twelve, and, thanks to some wonderful Monster of the Week and brother-focused episodes, the completion of the season’s big arc seems to be happening fast. Hang onto your souls, people. This one was one blur of a ride.

1 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Crowley Mark Sheppard

Arabian Nights

For some reason that opener struck me as particularly brutal and I’m not sure why. He’s Crowley, after all, so, killing five people? Must be Wednesday. Still, Crowley’s snapping of a man’s neck after ripping up his contract and then essentially forcing four (sort of) innocent people to slaughter each other seemed harsh. Couldn’t he just have disappeared and left the bodyguards wondering? I guess, when it comes to the Hand of God, no mercy will be shown.

2 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Sam Dean Winchester Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles

Divine Invention

Crowley’s got the Horn of Joshua and he wants to use it to put Lucifer back in the box. Dean wants to save Cas by ejecting the archangel from his vessel into a new one to make sure that the only thing trapped in the cage is the one who wants to destroy the earth. (I’ll just say it—where was this concern for the Michael-possessed Adam?) Crowley tells the boys he will give them the Horn and they respond, adorably in stereo, “If…” If the boys are willing to skip a step and send Lucifer back to hell without icing Amara.  Unfortunately for all of them the boys know two things: they’d need the dead Rowena and the Book of the Damned to perform the ritual and maybe, just maybe, there really isn’t anyone powerful enough to defeat Amara other than Lucifer with the Hand of God. Crowley’s revenge be damned. “Saving people” is the first two words of the family business motto for a reason.

3 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Rowena Amara Ruth Connell Emily Swallow

Riot Girrrls

Wait a minute—did I say she was dead? Because Rowena is BACK, people, and I’m so excited about it I am willing to overlook the convenience of her magical uprising. She is nothing if not an opportunist, so she heals Amara from her angel smiting damage not only because she hates Lucifer, but because she also thinks Amara just might win. And when she does? Rowena wants to be the Merlin to her Arthur. When The Darkness comes? It’s gonna be ladies’ night, people. No dudes allowed. Emily Swallow and Ruth Connell have great chemistry and I gotta say, I wonder what their reign would be like. It’s tempting to let the cards fall where they may and see if it’s time for a new pair of queens.

4 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Castiel Misha Collins

Linked In

“So perfect. Castiel, Heaven’s most wanted possessed by Heaven’s most hated.” Snappy comeback, Jophiel. Too bad you were literally smoked out by a grinning Casifer (Lustiel? I still like that one better.) Lucifer is recruiting angels with business speak and the deliciously smarmy reminders of how they failed to smite Amara and how God has abandoned them all after favoring a race that, unlike a Prius, is a constant failure. Wow, has Misha Collins come into his own as Lucifer. Every episode he gets better and better, snarking his way through scenes with the charm Mark Pellegrino always brought to the role. “If it makes you comfy you can call me God,” he says with a grin and you know what? He’s so compelling that I almost want to.

5 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Sam Dean Winchester Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles

Cas’ Choice

The boys have their priorities straight—they want to send Lucifer back to hell after he ices Amara, and Dean wants to do it sans Castiel. But Sam? Sam hearkens back to Team Free Will and wants to let Cas do what he has chosen to do—give the devil a ride to the aforementioned girls’ night out. “Dean, this is exactly how we screw ourselves. When we make the heart choice instead of the smart choice.” Dean might call him Dr. Phil, but I think Sam is right. As much as I have loved it in the past when choice wasn’t respected (and my boys ended up very much alive) I think it has to be Cas who goes up against her, even if he fails. Cas may make the wrong choice now and again (and again and again and again) but he is truly willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. And who are the Winchesters to deny him that? Oh, right. They’re his found family. Never mind.

6 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Amara Emily Swallow

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Amara and Rowena continue to bond but Amara is no fool. She knows there is no kindness in Rowena and she doesn’t understand why Rowena wants to save her, especially since she is “Uncle Crowley’s” mum. Rowena explains that yes, she is out for herself, but she is there to help and listen, if Amara will let her. Amara? She’s just glad Rowena healed her, and to prove she’s back she blasts heaven and earth with a cry of “HEAR ME!” that shakes the foundation of both. She tosses angels about like dandelions in the wind, just enough to convince them that, unfortunately, Lucifer just might be the answer to their prayers.

7 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Castiel Crowley Sam Dean Winchester

Under My Spell

As we all knew it was, Rowena’s loyalty is fluid. She psychically eavesdrops on the boys and Fergus and figures her best bet is to switch teams once more. She sends them a message letting them know she is risen, and they now have what they need to trap the big bad. The boys hate Crowley’s plan but they’re going along with it because Crowley, literally, has the upper Hand. They summon Casifer and he shows (causing Rowena to duck out of sight.) The spell works—they reach Cas for a moment—but Lucifer is just too powerful and he snaps back almost immediately. And that’s when things really hit the proverbial fan. (Side note: I loved Dean’s face when Lucifer mimicked his call to Cas. It reminded me very much of his look to Sam in “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” Jensen Ackles is blessed with a face not only gorgeous to see but perfectly reactive.)

8 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Sam Winchester Jared Padalecki

Three Men and a Flub

It’s all going so well. Until it isn’t. Crowley pulls a move like he did with Sam and Gadreel and expels himself out of his meatsuit and into Cas’ to convince him to cast Lucifer out, knowing Lucifer will be trapped and sent back to hell in a handcart, as Rowena would say. One big problem? Cas doesn’t care to do it. It’s like he’s drugged—completely zoned out and waiting for the fight to be over. Crowley wants to go before it’s too late. Unfortunately for them all? Lucifer is too strong and he, in the welcome form of Mark Pellegrino, proceeds to kick Crowley’s ass. Epically. Turns out there will be an exorcism. It just won’t be of Lucifer. And Lucifer? Is pissssssed.

9 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Sam Dean Winchester Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles

Horn of Plenty

Lucifer takes the Horn and makes to kill the boys but guess who shows up just in time? That’s right, Amara, and she’s just as pissed as he is. “You were safely sealed away. You’re going to wish you’d stayed there,” Lucifer says, and he uses the Hand of God to blast her with its power. Amara? The heavenly equivalent of a Bounty paper towel. She just absorbs it all and sucks him in. She releases the boys, looking at Dean with something akin to longing, and takes Lucifer away as Crowley and Rowena flee, leaving the boys to wonder what the hell just happened and, the Horn expired, back where they started. Back at the Bunker Dean points out, maybe the reason it didn’t work is that it wasn’t wielded by God’s chosen. Sam then says that he knows he came down on the side of freedom of choice, which Dean agrees is their new policy. Of course, Dean immediately follows that up with “Let’s go find that idiot and bring him home.” And ignoring people’s missions happens again and as long as they end up not losing their honorary brother? Yay!

10 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Eighteen SPN S11E18 Hells Angel Castiel Lucifer Misha Collins

The Enemy of My Enemy

Meanwhile, Lucifer and Amara are having their little chat. Lucifer suggests they team up, since they both have a divine axe to grind with God. Together? God couldn’t stop them. Of course Amara has proven that she doesn’t need anyone’s help. The only help Lucifer can give her is to be used as bait. She still believes God loves his firstborn, and will come if he is threatened. Amara (and Emily Swallow’s portrayal) is mesmerizing as she tells Lucifer her plan—it even makes Lucifer grin. Lucifer reminds her He is gone—God caught the last train out. “Well, we’ll see, won’t we?” she says softly and proceeds to blast Lucifer—blast Cas’ vessel—with a light that makes him scream.

Can you hear the brakes? The screech of momentum comes to an abrupt halt for a few weeks before we hit the final stretch. Join us next time for episode nineteen “The Chitters”, in which we learn there are green-eyed beings even scarier than Dean Winchester. See you then!

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