Watching politicians fight on national television gave me a serious headache. I took to Pinterest in a fervent attempt to wipe Sunday’s Presidential Debate from my mind, and find some peace.

I use Pinterest like guilt-free shopping and a repository for ideas. I Love Love Love Pinterest. This week, my goal was to create my own version of the Tumblr page Things Organized Neatly. If you haven’t checked out that page, I highly recommend it.

My own board is an amalgamation of colors and shapes that make me happy. Here are a few of my favorite pins.

1. Citrus Shapes

Now where is my glass of Sangria?

2. Ends of Colored Pencils:

I want to sit and methodically sharpen each one of these, and hide them from my kids. This is why we have separate art supply stashes – nobody touches Mommy’s pencils…or else.

3. Paint lids:

I have the strangest urge to rearrange the lids from light-to-dark.

4. Rainbow Beetles:

Somewhere over the Rainbow… Beetle?
Doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Did you sing it in your head too?
I hope it isn’t just me.

5.Another Day Another Piece of Burnt Toast

Mmmm, toast…

6. Rainbow Carrots

I had no idea carrots could be purple!

7.Stone Fields by Giuseppe Randazzo

Giuseppe used an algorithm to sort these. I am in love with his brain right now.

8. Mixed Tapes

This makes me want to make a mixed tape.
Playlists are just not the same.
Bring me the magnetic tape!

9. Button Button, Who’s got the button?

Some of my earliest memories are of sitting at the table, sorting buttons by size
and color. I want a whole set of the purple hearts on the bottom row.

10. Art by the very talented Emily Blincoe.

I am fairly certain she and I are kindred spirits. You can see more of her artwork here.

What kinds of things do you do to settle your nerves and soothe your brain?
Join the discussion in the comments below.

Jerusha Gray

Jerusha Gray is insatiably curious. This curiosity, coupled with a brain that never shuts up, drives her to paint and draw, read prodigiously, make music, write, and sing in grocery stores.


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