Welcome to Fantasy Break, Castles for Sale, Part 2! In part 1, we featured castles that were move-in ready. Unfortunately, if you watch as much HGTV as I do, you know that move-in ready is not always part of the budget. Somebody call the Property Brothers!

Let’s face it – owning a castle isn’t within most of our budgets in the first place, but wouldn’t it be kind of fun to buy one that needs a little work? Maybe not as much fun as simply moving into one, but still. Enjoy this round of castles for sale! Next time: Fantasy Closets.

1. A fairytale 13th-century chateau with farmhouse; Rodez, South of France


This one has been partially renovated – the ground, first and second floors have been refurbished, leaving the third floor, attic, and tower room for you to make your own. Beautifully rustic, this castle features 9 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 7 reception halls. It also has a pool, stables, a consecrated chapel on the ground floor, and a piggery! Best of all, since it’s partially done up, you could live in it while you worked on the rest. Sadly, its energy rating is terrible, so I suspect that it’s drafty as all get-out. Only $1,005,400 USD. View the rest of the listing here.


You say crumbling facade and sagging roof, I say shabby chic.

2.  Castle Carbonana, Gubbio, Italy


This beautiful castle is over a thousand years old! Best of all, if you buy this castle, you are conferred the title “Count of Carbonana”, so if you have ever wanted to become Italian royalty, this is the one for you. The original title was established in the year 900 and has been handed down to the property owner for centuries. Featuring 26 bedrooms on 44 acres in the medieval town of Gubbio, this castle is going for $7,279,243 USD and needs a lot of work, but the current owners have graciously offered to fully renovate it in high style for the next owners for around an additional six million dollars. How generous! View the rest of the listing here.


3.  The Craig, Montrose, Scotland


Situated on a nature preserve, The Craig is one of the oldest still-standing properties in Scotland; dated from the 13th century. Featuring walled gardens, woodlands, a gardener’s cottage, paddocks, 6 bedrooms, and 7 reception rooms, you can’t beat the history here. Tradition claims that Sir James Douglas spent his final night in Scotland at The Craig protecting the heart of Robert Bruce, to transport it faithfully to the Holy Land in battle against the Saracens. There is no mention of bathrooms in the listing, which is a bit troubling, but the photos reveal that there is at least one. The energy rating is an F, meaning that it requires major upgrades, although the property has undergone many restorations and upgrades already. Only $2,062,666 USD. View the rest of the listing – and incredible history – here.


This kitchen was described as “habitable.” I think it’s better than that!

4.  Chateau St. Mikulas, Drhlava Village, near Prague, Czech Republic


What a steal! Built in 1352 in the Gothic style, this castle was renovated in the Baroque style in 1717, and for the latest time in 1854. It served as a residence for the parish priests for St. Mikulas church. The roof caved in in 2013, so the castle has a fair bit of damage, but it is hooked up to public utilities and telephone lines. The best part is the price – only $23,493 USD! For less than the price of a new Toyota Camry, you could own a historic castle in Prague. View the rest of the listing here.


5.  Carrignacurra Castle, Inchigeela, County Cork, Ireland


This one is in need of full renovations! Happily, the permits to do so and use as a residence have already been granted, and new subfloors already installed, as well as upgrades to the roof. Built around 1575 and probably originally belonging to the O’Learys, Carrignacurra is located on the banks of the river Lee. From the listing: There has also been some rebuilding of loops, windows, door surrounds, the murder hole and other details. Hold up: there’s a murder hole?! Only $251,707 USD for this diamond in the rough. See the rest of the listing here.


Is this the murder hole? I hope it’s the murder hole.

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