It’s fun to fantasize about kitchens, particularly when your own leaves a little to be desired! My kitchen at home is a nice size, but hasn’t been touched style-wise since 1959. As I stoop on my hands and knees to crawl in and reach the pots that escape clear into the back of the cabinets, I find myself dreaming of pull-out wire pot organizers. I covet fancy spice racks, gleaming faucets, and sparkling islands. My “style” tends to be a mishmash of items that I simply like, rather than a cohesive aesthetic, but as it turns out, there are a ton of styles to choose from. I’ve chosen five that I like, although I suspect I’m a bit of a traditional girl. Which kitchen style do you like best?

1. Farmhouse


Farmhouse kitchens are spacious, warm, and homey. They tend to feature open shelving, vintage-looking appliances, natural flooring, vintage accents, apron-front sinks, free-standing cabinetry, a great, big welcoming table, and even fireplaces!


2. Rustic


You might not think “rustic” when you think kitchens, but they’re actually quite popular nowadays! Featuring real wood, timber, stone, brick, and vintage appliances, if the “distressed” look is your jam, a rustic kitchen might be your style.


3. Modern


Modern kitchens are sleek and gleaming, with clean lines, and often feature metals, frameless cabinets, stark, bold colors, and simple hardware. The aim is very little adornment, such that the beauty of the materials is on display, rather than clutter. Not to be confused with “contemporary” kitchens, which is a term meaning what is in fashion in the moment; modern is a style all its own.


4. Traditional


Traditional kitchens are all about the fancy little details. Arches, moldings, cabinets, and a mix of antique and modern materials make these very personalizable! Crown molding, a chandelier, and a farm table? Why not!


5. Cottage


Cottage-style kitchens are bright, cozy, simple, and unpretentious. They often feature vintage hardware, soft colors, and bright curtains and accents.


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