This winter has me feeling especially cabin fever-y, and when I feel cooped up in the house for too long, I start to fantasize about remodeling my space. On today’s fantasy break, we’re looking at a few of the top kitchen trends of 2017. Enjoy, and vote for your favorite in our poll! Is there a kitchen trend that you think is on point? Tell us in the comments.

Tuxedo Cabinets

Okay, so what’s a “tuxedo kitchen”? Well, it’s marked by simplicity, much like the garment it’s named after. Monochromatic blocks of color, and timeless style and appeal. It’s simple and elegant, which never goes out of style. Tuxedo cabinets are normally solid white or black, with the opposite color for contrast on your counter tops, accessories and accents.

Hidden Appliances

I hadn’t even gotten as far as updating my kitchen to stainless steel yet, and I’m off-trend already! Since stainless can feel cold and uninviting, a big trend this year is hidden appliances. Your appliances are designed to blend seamlessly with the cabinets and the structure of the kitchen, making them effectively invisible. Hidden appliances have been on the rise for a while, and show no signs of going out of fashion in 2017.

Mixed Hardware Finishes

I’m not sure I’m free-spirited enough to pull this one off! Instead of going with all stainless, or all brushed nickel, or all anything, this trend is all about mixing and matching your finishes. Some of the kitchens feature glass, brass, pewter, copper, stainless, nickel, wood, and ceramic all together! It certainly makes for a one-of-a-kind, eclectic space, and there’s a lot of freedom in not being married to one style when you choose your favorite pieces.

All White, All White, All White

Love the look of a crisp, clean white kitchen? You won’t ever be out of style. An ongoing trend for 2017 is lighter, brighter, whiter. Ditch the short cabinets and install tall ones to make your kitchen look bigger and your ceilings higher. Want appliances to match? Whirlpool’s “White Ice” collection is said to be the first appliance finish to ever rival the popularity of stainless steel. Don’t forget a few well-chosen pops of color – all white can go from zen to boring in a hurry if you forget to add some visually appealing accessories to break up the monotony.

Patterned Tiles

Plain old subway tiles are out, and bright, patterned tiles are in! This trend looks especially at home in an all-white kitchen, because it lends that element of visual appeal without looking too busy for your space. Custom patterned glass tiles are particularly on-point this year.

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