I saw a robin in my pine tree earlier this week, despite the foot of snow still lingering in my yard, and you know what that means! Spring is coming! Every year, I have big dreams of putting in a garden plot and growing my own vegetables, and every year, the season has gotten away from me before I can do so. Not this year, I tell you! This is my year!

I’m not exactly a handy person. My husband can attest that I couldn’t even put together our IKEA bookshelf without help.

“These instructions are awful!”
“What do you need instructions for? You know what a bookshelf looks like!”

After he removed the tiny disposable wrench from his forehead, he built it himself.

So, I don’t hold out much hope that I’ll be any better at assembling one of these raised bed garden kits, but I know for certain that I’m not going to design and build one myself! The benefits of raised beds are many – better soil drainage, better water retention, protection against certain pests, better weed barriers, better containment and easier management. On this week’s Fantasy Break, we’re looking at five fancy¬†raised garden bed kits. (There are a number of non-fancy options that I’ll probably ultimately go with, but this IS a Fantasy Break, after all!) Enjoy, and vote for your favorite in our poll!

1. Outdoor Living Today Raised Cedar Garden Bed – 8×12 feet

This one is wildlife-proof (or at least resistant?) with a gate and a walkway for easy access. Cedar has the added benefit of being resistant to certain pests. Note also the flowers – marigolds are friends of your tomato plants, repelling worms (nematodes), but they also repel rabbits, aphids, and mosquitoes! $1,329-$1,369, available at Wal-Mart and Home Depot

2. 2-Inch Series Composite 2-Level Split Waterfall Raised Garden Bed Kit

This art-deco modular option grows with you! The composite construction promises durability and flexibility, as you can take it to three levels, or even add more modules as your garden grows. Excuse the pun, of course. $386.99, Houzz

3. Gardens to Gro 8 x 12 ft. Deer-Proof Vegetable Garden Kit

This option is fully wildlife-proof, and with 65 square feet of growing space, is sized to feed a household of six people! Constructed of cedar and extra tall with walkways means fewer pests, and no stooping to maintain the fruits of your labor. $2,999.99, By Hayneedle, available at Wal-Mart.

4. Algreen Stack N’ Garden Planters

These stackable modules can be configured in any number of ways! Made of non-toxic resin, you can create a planter wall, stagger, or stack these. It’s like legos, for gardening! Best of all, they’re only $74.10 for three. Available at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Houzz, and Amazon.

5. Infinite Cedar Pyramid Raised Garden

This 7-level pyramid makes for an eye-catching addition to your garden! These pyramids are perfect for small yards, as they provide maximum growing area within a small space. The rot-resistant material allows for the equivalent of 76 square feet of garden, in a 10 square foot space. $291, Houzz, $305, Wal-Mart (Pictured – 5 level option)

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