Did you love summer camp as a kid? This cold weather has many of us fantasizing about summer (or at least maybe sending our cabin-fevered children away for a few days), but did you know that there are adult camps you can sign up for, too? This week, we explore five grown-up options for camp – or is the adult way to say it “learning vacations”? – Enjoy, and vote for your favorite in our poll!

1. Adult Space Academy, Huntsville, Alabama

Were you obsessed with space as a kid? Spend either three or four days at this adult space camp, where you’ll train like an astronaut, construct and launch your own rocket, test your engineering skills by designing cool stuff, and even perform an extended-duration simulated space mission! Meals and lodging are included. The school also offers kid-friendly and family options, as well. $549 for three days, $649 for four days. Learn more here.

2. CIA Boot Camp, New York, California, & Texas

No, not that CIA. This one is arguably even better, as it’s by the Culinary Institute of America! That means, you’ll be perfecting your “cooking delicious foods” skills! You’ll be learning fundamental culinary skills from renowned chefs, feeding your passion for food, and some people even take the classes together to rekindle relationships or bond with friends! The classes vary in price, duration, and location, so you have your pick of preference. Learn more here.

3. Soul Camp, New York & California

Looking for something a little less boot camp, a little more the star-gazing camps of your childhood? Look no further than Soul Camp, which is an inclusive sleep-away wellness camp for adults. Leave your worries and your iPhones behind as you enjoy yoga, meditation, dance, cardio, fear burnings, dance parties, talent shows, late night discos, an inspiring lecture series, and much more. Pricing varies by location and duration. Learn more here.

4. Adult Band Camp, Traverse City, Michigan

Now you’ll be able to say “This one time, at band camp…” and not be talking about incidents from twenty-plus years ago! You’ll join more than seventy adults for several days and work together perfecting a piece for a public performance. You bring your instrument, and professional faculty will teach master classes, coach daily chamber music sessions, and play in the full ensemble with participants. Included in the tuition is a group dinner on the first night of Adult Band Camp and special evening sessions during the week build relationships. $545. Learn more here.

5. Wine Camp, Long Island, New York

Last, but certainly not least, how about wine camp? This four-day adventure is touted as “the ultimate food and wine experience on the east coast.” The package includes tastings of many, many wines from eight different wineries, interactive learning sessions, premium wine country accommodations, daily breakfasts, a gourmet dinner the first evening, al fresco lunches in the vineyards, and you’ll even take home your very own case (12 bottles) of wine. There’s much more, too! $1299 per person. Learn more here.

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Emily Parker is a musician, writer, and avid reader who started Bucket List Book Reviews, the ‘1,001 Books to Read Before You Die’ project. For Sweatpants & Coffee, Emily hopes to inspire the reading of the classics by a whole new audience by only reviewing the really good stuff.

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