Haven’t you always wanted a treehouse? Maybe you had one when you were a kid, and maybe, like me, you salivate over the Extreme Tree House shows on HGTV. Can you imagine having one of those? I can’t be the only kid who went to Disneyland and languished in the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, fantasizing about sleeping in a swinging hammock, high above the ground. Tree houses say nostalgia and whimsy, and sometimes they’re so spectacular that all you can say is “ohhhhhh!” Enjoy these treehouses that you can actually visit, and sometimes – stay in.

 1. The Minister’s Tree House, Crossville, Tennessee


Image Source: Imgur

Minister Horace Burgess received a vision from God that instructed him that he should build a tree house, and he would never run out of material. Naturally, the minister obliged, and now has built what may be the largest tree house in the world. Currently, his tree house is 90 feet tall, contains 80 rooms, a church and bell tower, and wraparound decks on each of its five stories. For God’s end of the bargain, the minister has indeed never run out of materials, and construction continues to this day. Minister Burgess welcomes all visitors, provided that they don’t smoke.


Image Source: Atlas Obscura

2.  Treehouse Point, Seattle, Washington


Image Source: Treehouse Point

Treehouse point was Pete Nelson’s childhood dream, and now, if you schedule in advance, you can have a treehouse destination wedding, or even corporate meetings there! You can stay the night, and Treehouse Point offers yoga, massage, tai chi, hypnotherapy, and an on-site officiant for your ceremony.  The property actually offers nine+ tree houses for your needs, each more wonderful than the last.


Image Source: Treehouse Point

3. Hapuku Lodge & Treehouses, Kaikoura, New Zealand


Image Source: Hapuku Lodge

Built in Kaikoura, a town renowned for its environmental efforts, it’s only fitting that their most luxurious accommodations are tree houses! Situated on a deer farm, with the Southern Alps to the west and the ocean to the east, the architects have built a place with the best quality of sleep in mind – even creating custom-made hypo-allergenic mattresses unavailable anywhere else in the world. Even the furniture in the rooms was made locally. They’ve taken great pains to ensure tranquility, and the facility offers amazing food, privacy, and, as someone who has actually visited Kaikoura, I can attest that you can whale-watch from the beach while you eat the most amazing fish and chips in the world.


Image Source: Hapuku Lodge

4. Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica for FD Love magazine. Photograph supplied by Pacuare Lodge.

Image Source: Pacuare Lodge

Billing itself as “luxury in the jungle”, here’s a place you can truly unplug from the world – there isn’t even electricity! They do, however, have warm meals made with local fare, massage, romantic dinners, and everything you could possibly need from an unplugged adventure in the rainforest. They have several tree houses you may stay in, and as it is literally in the middle of the jungle, you must travel there on a raft. The locals will be quick to tell you that it’s the best whitewater rafting in Latin America.


Image Source: Pacuare Lodge

5. Out N’ About Treesort, Cave Junction, Oregon


Image Source: Out N’ About Treesort

Near wineries, breweries, the Oregon Caves National Monument, and the Great Cats World Park, the “Treesort” features 15 treehouse rooms you may stay in, plus zipline tours, horseback riding, and a giant Tarzan swing. Quiet and family-oriented, this four-star resort perched in the trees might be just the ticket for your next family getaway.


Image Source: Out N’ About Treesort

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