I’ve known her my entire life, or what feels like my entire life.

She is that woman – that woman who roots for you, stands up for you, champions you. She believes all women should get a piece of the pie, or better yet, better yet – the entire pie, and share it. She believes we should complete each other, not compete with each other. She co-founded Take the Lead, an national organization that was founded and created so all women could experience equality, a fair share; an education that would give them both a heads up, and a leg up. Her passion is equal to her compassion.

She is Amy Litzenberger.


Last year, along with her good friend – her savvy business partner – Michele Sawyer, they created and designed Manda Bags. The sole purpose being that they would like all of us – every single one of us – to stop wasting valuable and precious time digging through, rummaging through, our bags; our pocketbooks, and put that time and energy out into the world to help elevate other women, to help lift other women. Manda Bag’s mission: “Creating a fashionable way for women to streamline their lives is only part of our focus. We believe that the world will be a better place with more women in positions of leadership. Manda Bags is committed to helping women become leaders by creating bags that save them time, so they can focus on the important things in life. For every bag sold, a donation will be made to charities which help women achieve positions of leadership in their lives and their communities.”

How noble is that?

“It’s not just a bag, it’s a way of life. It’s about having more time. It’s about simplifying, de-cluttering; letting go of all the stuff we no longer need, that no longer serves us. ” 

Manda Bags will be donating a portion of every sale to charities and organizations that will help women move into leadership positions. And we all know how vital that is now; for women to step into their power, and how necessary it is to not have anything weigh them down. “Manda Bags is pleased to partner with AAUW. For over 135 AAUW has advanced equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. AAUW is building a comprehensive set of tools, trainings and resources to help member leaders build the necessary skills to be effective leaders. As Manda Bags hopes for a world with more women in positions of leadership, for every bag sold, a donation will be made to AAUW to benefit women’s leadership.”

Amy and Michelle started a Kickstarter campaign for the initial production of these bags, and they reached their goal; but reaching their goal isn’t good enough – just like reaching for the stars and the moon is no longer good enough for us – we must break through that last glass ceiling. It’s not enough to stand on the ladder, we must smash that ceiling to bits.

This endeavor, this creation, their passion, is not just about carrying a new bag, it’s about carrying ourselves with respect and dignity, and yes, a bit taller.

Manda Bags:

  • Opens flat
  • Place for everything you need
  • Fine imported leather or water resistant high-quality canvas
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable straps

Contribute to Manda Bags Kickstarter here and order your own at mandabags.com.


Amy Ferris is an author, editor, screenwriter, and playwright. She has contributed to numerous magazines and literary anthologies, and her memoir Marrying George Clooney: Confessions From a Midlife Crisiswas adapted into an off-Broadway play in 2012. Ferris co-edited (with Hollye Dexter) Dancing at the Shame Prom, and authored the young adult novel A Greater Goode. Ferris has written for film and television, and was nominated for best screenplay for Funny Valentines. She serves on the advisory board of the Women’s Media Center and is an instructor for the San Miguel Writers’ Conference. She lives in northeast Pennsylvania with her husband, Ken, and two cats who think they’re human girls.


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