What do you think of when you think of instant coffee? Easy? Sure. But it will never really replicate the taste and quality of fresh drip brewed, right? What if you could have all of the ease and all of the taste, in a convenient little pouch you could slip into your pocket or purse? You can, if you’re using Dripkit.

Dripkit Coffee, a portable pourover brew system as easy to use as a teabag, is the brain child of best friends and Dripkit co-founders Kara Cohen and Ilana Kruger. The two met on Craigslist seven years ago when Kara answered Ilana’s ad for a roommate. Ilana asked “If you were any Disney character which would you be?” and Kara answered, “The Genie because you’ll never have a friend like me!”

Kara and Ilana, who both have a background in creative marketing, found enjoying each other’s company effortless, but not so much enjoying their morning cup of joe. They both felt like there wasn’t a coffee product on the market designed for their lifestyles— something easy, sustainable and direct-trade. “We were both freelancing, traveling around and moving offices constantly and finding a great cup of coffee was really difficult. We wanted a coffee that was convenient and portable, and it didn’t seem to exist. So we decided to solve the problem, together”

Kara and Ilana designed Dripkit along with a team of industrial designers at Prime Studios in New York City. “We must have made over 100+ prototypes before landing on our final design. We wanted to create a product that was easy to use, intuitive, fit on every sized cup and most importantly, brewed a delicious cup of coffee every time. We spent months designing, we made hundreds of prototypes with our design partners, and we came up with the perfect way to brew coffee, anywhere.” And how much do Kara and Ilana believe in Dripkit? So much they use it themselves, every morning in their own homes. Not that Dripkit only works in the kitchen—it’s designed to carry to the office or for a day outdoors, to take traveling or camping.

Kara and Ilana’s next mission? To bring Dripkit straight to your door. The two have launched a KickStarter to fund their next development phase of the product. After this initial launch, they plan to sell from their website at Dripkit Coffee. So if you love fresh brewed coffee with no grinding, no measuring, and no gadgets required, grab your favorite cup, some hot water, and a Dripkit. and let the sipping begin.


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