By Barbara Doyle

Oh, families. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t prevent them from ending the universe. The stage is being set for the sibling war of the ages and no, it won’t be between the Winchesters. It’s Chuck versus Amara, and this one is gonna be winner takes all.

1 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Kevin Tran Osric Chau

This Little Light of Mine

Oh, the Samulet. First things first: canon. According to Jensen Ackles, Sam saved the Samulet and has had it all along, though Dean didn’t know it. According to co-executive producer Jim Michaels, Chuck planted the Samulet on Sam. Anyone else wanna join me in declaring the canon that both are true? Sam had it all along and Chuck plucked it from Sam’s stash, turned it on, and put it in Sam’s pocket just to be recognized? That’s what I’m going with. Anyway, the Samulet is found and lights up in Chuck’s presence, but let’s get to the important proof that Chuck is God: THE APPEARANCE OF KEVIN! Seeing Osric Chau, even for a few moments, as our favorite prophet of the Lord was truly awesome. Kevin, like us, has always trusted the Winchesters and always forgiven them, and he truly did his job well. To see him get the reward of being sent to heaven was hugely satisfying. As we all know, it’s where he belongs. (Side note: It’s never been more appropriate for Dean to say “Holy Crap”, eh?)

2 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles

Double Man Tears

Sam being Chuck’s fanboy was actually endearing. Watching him stammer and babble in the face of the God he has always prayed to was almost comical, until a disappointed and frustrated Dean interrupted to tell God, as respectfully as possible, off. “People pray to you. People build churches for you. Fight wars in your name. And you did nothing.” As Chuck tells the story of how he used to be a hands on parent who didn’t want to become an enabler we watched the twin tracks of Dean’s tears course down his face, and it was heartbreaking. “From where I sit it feels like you left us and you’re trying to justify it,” Dean says, and Chuck tells him not to confuse him with John. John. The father who, in the end, sacrificed himself so others could live. Time will tell if Chuck follows the same path.

3 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Castiel Lucifer Misha Collins

Shout at the Devil

Lucifer, like him or not, is a badass. He tells Amara God will not come for him (and why should he, really) and yet, as much as he hates his father, it’s clear he still admires him. “You’re strong, Amara,” he tells her. “You may defeat him. But you will never be him.” In the face of being tortured by Amara Lucifer remains a snarky little bastard, just the way we like him. Misha Collins continues to play Lucifer with the finesse he has honed through out this season. Considering his humor and his rage, I’ll almost be sad to see him transform back to Cas. Almost.

4 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles

Family Matters

Chuck tells the boys that the only reason he came off the sidelines is because Amara is relentless—a force beyond human comprehension. “Must have been great being her brother, huh?” Sam asks. Chuck says it was horrible—always having to do what she wanted, her bossing him around. “I mean, you guys know how that works,” he says to the boys. Awkward. Then he speaks of his son—how Lucifer was his greatest hope and bitterest disappointment. He won’t be saving Lucifer, because he doesn’t trust him. At all. Amara, meanwhile, is calling her brother a spoiled brat and whining about how he created his own fan club when all she wanted was solitude. Wow. Family stuff is tough. I think they all need a therapist. Or, you know, a showdown.

5 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Chuck God Rob Benedict

In His Image

Chuck’s moments of humanity amused me. He sings in the shower and he sleeps in. He eats donuts while he wears Dean’s dead guy robe. He eats noodles out of the container while watching curling on TV. He comments on Dean’s porn collection, which, apparently, is sizable. He sits in the park, eating popcorn, watching kids and their optimism with affection. He respects humanity so much he is willing to sacrifice himself for us—trade himself to Amara so we can survive. And if the plan doesn’t work, his chosen, including Sam and Dean, will step up. “You’re the firewall between light and darkness,” he says to Dean, and while he might be right? Those are the scariest words he can burden Dean with.

6 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Donatello Prophet Chuck God Rob Benedict


With Kevin off to the afterlife there’s a new prophet in town! Donatello Redfield, an atheist Chemistry professor with a dead cat who believes in molecules not God. Sam has him read some Enochian for proof and, later, Donatello’s world comes crashing down as he is told about who he is and what he can do. The back and forth summary between him and the boys was fairly hilarious, as was Donatello meeting with the man Himself. “I guess you know I was an atheist, until ten minutes ago. Is that an issue?” “Not for me,” Chuck replies with a little smile. “I mean, I believe in me but your skepticism is to be expected. I did include free will in the kit.” That’s Chuck for you. The most adorable supreme being in all the universe.

7 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles

Can’t Get You Outta My Head

Amara’s connection to Dean is stronger than ever. She lets him know via vision that Lucifer (and his Castiel shaped vessel) are suffering. Maybe even dying. And speaking of dying? So is another town, who has fallen victim to her rabid fog. Amara wants to meet with Dean again, and she does, conveniently during the attempted rescue of Lucifer. She reminds him of their connection and it’s clear that as much as Dean hates it, he is bound anyway. And that can’t go anywhere good.

8 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Metatron Curtis Armstrong

In Scribed

Metatron, riding his heroism train from last episode, decides to work with the boys. He meets with Sam and Dean and tells them of the autobiography, which he says is actually a suicide note. He offers his “douche help” to the boys to try to save Chuck and his divine creation and it appears his transformation from foe to (the enemy of my enemy is my) friend is complete. I must admit, seeing Curtis Armstrong again, and knowing how high the stakes have become – I feared losing Metatron as a character and the superb acting skills Armstrong brings to the table. Turns out, sadly, Donatello wasn’t the only one making accurate predictions.

9 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Sam Winchester Jared Padalecki

Satanic Ritual

Metatron knows the spells to release Lucifer from his prison, and Donatello knows where the prison is located, so they and Sam go on the rescue mission while Dean occupies (thankfully not literally) Amara. Lucifer has been beaten to a pulp and man, is he pissed. He agrees to help the team fight Amara and Metatron figures out the right spell to set him free. Unfortunately, Lucifer has no mojo left to snap his fingers and jump the four of them to safety, so Sam prepares them to run. Metatron, as I suspected he would, offers to stay behind and take care of Amara. “I got this,” he says, and writes a glyph in his own blood to blast her out of sight. Unfortunately, it only blows her hair back. “He meant well,” he tells her. “Spare the universe.” “Spare this,” she spits and, amidst my whines of disappointment, she turns Metatron to smoke and he is gone. Who knew that the loss of that scrubby little angel with delusions of grandeur would break my heart? Like Gadreel before him, his road to righteousness and self-sacrifice wasn’t paved with good intentions but the end? A lot more noble than the means.

10 Supernatural Season Eleven Episode Twenty One SPN S11E21 All in the Family Lucifer Castiel Donatello Sam Winchester Jared Padalecki

Bunker Down

Of course, Amara wasn’t going to let them go that easily. As the Impala races away she easily stops it. She tells them they aren’t worth sparing and makes to vaporize them too but before she can the Impala literally drops (not very gently, I might add) right into the bunker itself. “Occasionally I do answer a prayer,” Chuck says, beer in hand. He and Lucifer finally face each other, and Chuck heals him without a word. The boys put the prophet in a cab going Chuck knows where, knowing they will see him again, probably sooner than Donatello would like. Sam asks Dean to talk about Amara, and Dean confesses that Amara wants him to be a part of her. Eternally. “So, in other words? Adios,” he tells Sam, and all we can hope is that, somehow, Chuck can break her hold.

Just two more to go before the end of Season Eleven, people! See you next time for the penultimate episode, “We Happy Few.”



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