The Good Place stars Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, a recently deceased woman who is sent to The Good Place, a heaven-esque town in the afterlife by Michael, played by Ted Danson. Eleanor quickly realizes she’s been sent to The Good Place by mistake and needs her soul mate, Chidi, to help her from being discovered as a fraud.

There are many reasons to watch season one before the second season premieres on September 20th but the first one is obviously Kristen Bell. She’s sweet, quirky and you instantly want to be  her friend. She shines as Eleanor, who was arguably a pretty horrible person in her life and is trying to learn to be better so she can stay in The Good Place.  Eleanor is a completely different role than Bell’s Veronica Mars, Mars was all about justice and helping people, Eleanor is selfish, immature and sometimes cruel.

Ted Danson is at his best as Michael, the charming architect of The Good Place and his chemistry with Bell is fantastic. He’s supposed to be this supernatural being, creator of an afterlife and yet he seems oddly innocent and unsure of his role.

Janet. Janet is like a human version of Siri that you are going to wish you had in your life. D’Arcy Carden manages to make Janet’s robotic nature endearing and hilarious.

It’s such a unique premise. Sure, we’ve had shows about death and the afterlife before but nothing quite like this. The Good Place shows us a non-religious afterlife and isn’t afraid to poke fun at death while watching the characters examine their own lives that lead them to this place. There is deeper philosophical underbelly to the comedy that makes the audience ponder their own beliefs in what happens after we die.

Forks and shirts. There is no cussing The Good Place, so you’ll gain some new G-rated catchphrases like “bullshirt” and “what the fork?”

If you’re a fan of The Office, Parks & Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine you’ll love The Good Place, they were all created by Michael Schur.

You can catch up with the complete first Season on Netflix right now and be sure to tune-on on September 20th for the second season premier!

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