When it comes to Netflix bingeing, there is no better show than The Office. This show has gotten me through years of depression episodes, snow days, rainy Sundays, and those precious hours when my children were napping and I just needed a slice of time to myself. Here is a countdown of nine excellent reasons why everyone should love The Office.

9. Michael Scott

While this is a countdown and begins at the end, there’s no better way to start than with Michael Scott. It’s fair to say that this show is built around his complex character. Like Walter White in Breaking Bad, Michael Scott is a guy you want to dislike, but you find yourself rooting for him. He is that one boss we have all had: inept but still managing to keep a job in a leadership position. Michael and his antics, shenanigans, offensive actions, and deep need to be loved, especially at the office, is the hub of his workplace. And a hilarious one, at that.

The Office GIF Michael Scott World's Best Boss

8. Breaking the Fourth Wall

Jim Halpert is the best at including us in the joke at any given time. While the show is a mockumentary style where different characters are interviewed at different times, Jim is the only one who takes advantage of the freedom provided by the “documentary cameras” to connect with the audience about whatever is going on. When something juicy happens, you can bet that if Jim is in the scene, he is looking through the camera and right at you, inviting you into the hilarity.

The Office GIF Jim Halpert

7. Nobody Gets Fired

Watching The Office can give people the wrong idea when it comes to what is or is not a fireable offense in the workplace. There are so many cases in which workers should have been fired but weren’t – sexual harassment, Dwight firing a gun in the office, Michael running over Meredith with his car, the guy who pooped on the carpet. And there’s more! Seriously, I’m glad nobody got fired, but it’s still shocking.

6. Dance Fighting!

Or were they dance parties? Whether battling or having fun on the dance floor, nobody does it better than this crew, especially Andy “Nard Dog” Bernard. From challenging his co-workers in the short-lived cafe disco to the dance off at Jim and Pam’s wedding, he’s got the moves and is more than willing to risk “tearing his scrote.”

5. EVERYONE Hates Toby

The Office GIF Toby & Michael

This is probably the biggest mystery of The Office. The show establishes early on that there is an animosity between Michael and Toby, the squeaky-voiced Human Resources corporate guy. Some of my favorite quotes from Michael to Toby include:

“Why are you the way that you are?”
“You are a thief of joy.”
“I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.”

Why does Michael hate Toby so much? Why does everyone in The Office hate Toby? Or at the very least, feel so indifferent? No matter how many times I watch episodes of this show, I cannot figure it out. Is it only because he’s HR? Not only that, the animosity passes on to whoever becomes the manager of that office.

Regardless of the reason, the fact remains: nobody can stand Toby.

4. True Love

Everyone loves Jim and Pam on The Office. They are the sweetest TV love story in the history of earth. However, there are a lot of different relationships with varying degrees of dysfunction on this show that provide plenty of entertainment. Michael and Jan, Ryan and Kelly, Dwight and Angela, The Angela/Andy/Dwight situation, Andy and Erin, Michael and Pam’s mom, Gabe and Erin, the list goes on. The Office provides the perfect levels of suspense for each of the relationships that they explore.

The Office GIFs Ryan & Kelly

3. The Christmas Parties

Every Christmas season, I watch all of The Office Christmas episodes one after the other, as many times as I desire. Dueling party planning committees. The oven mitt. Michael doesn’t know which Benihana waitress he brought to the Christmas party. Meredith’s hair is on fire. Baby Jesus stuck in a drawer. Robert California. Old-fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas with Belsnickel and hog maw. These are all really good reasons to catch each of The Office Christmas party episodes.

The Office GIFs Michael Scott Christmas


2. The Pranks

The Office GIFS bears, beets, battlestar

The relationship between Jim and Dwight is one of the best love-hate relationships on television. Most of the pranks featured on The Office are due to this relationship, and the series begins and ends with Jim pranking Dwight. While it’s hard (that’s what she said) to pick a favorite, one of the top three for me is Jim coming to work as Dwight. It will be worth your time watching the series to find your favorite prank, or check out this compilation.

1. That’s What She Said!

I have built an entire reputation around That’s What She Said. When the opportunity comes up to say that phrase, everyone looks to me to slip it in (that’s what she said). And I owe it all to Michael Scott.

It will take awhile to watch every show and enjoy each uttering of this phrase. Fortunately, you can see every “That’s what she said” right here!

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