April’s tracking of the treadmill steps went completely out the door. And May’s nicer weather may mean I’m outside hiking rather than watching tv on the gym equipment. But rest assured I’ll find more recommendations for viewers to watch on the couch after spending more time outside. Here are my picks for May!

Fountain of Youth

Here’s a first for me, I’m recommending you stay away from a show. “Fountain of Youth” follows a 4’10” aspiring actress Kate Fountain. She gets arrested and lands a job posing as an undercover teen, just like “21 Jump Street”. The thing is, each episode takes longer to load than watch. You can watch the whole series during commercial breaks of your other favorite shows. I’m telling you this because I watched the first episode four times, trying to get the whole episode to run properly. It was very confusing. The longest episode is three minutes including outtakes and flashbacks to the prior episode. After ignoring the shadow of the cameraman in some scenes, I still couldn’t ignore the show making light of child predators. I won’t be watching anymore micro-episodes on Amazon or YouTube.

Red Oaks

This series reminds me of Neil Simon comedies mixed with all the great summer teen comedies of the 1980’s. A college student takes a job as a tennis pro instead of an internship his father set up for him after his father suffers a heart attack. It’s a fun period peace. It won’t remind most people of the 1980’s, but you can relive all your favorite 80’s tv shows and movies.

The Take

This gritty BBC crime drama from 2009, follows Freddy Jackson, played by Tom Hardy. Freddy is released from prison in 1984 and given a directive from the boss to take charge. The story spans out over a decade following Freddy and his nicer cousin, Jimmy. What’s interesting about this one is that there is little covered about their criminal day jobs.

The main crimes we see are those committed upon their own family. Outside of his role as Bane on Batman, I never understood the appeal of Tome Hardy until this series. He is fantastic! Be forewarned, there is a rape in the second episode.

One Mississippi

This semi-autobiographical dark comedy starring Tig Notaro follows her as she returns to her hometown after the sudden death of her mother. Tig struggles to find her way back into cloistered Southern living and find a place as a gay woman outside of LA.

This series is heartfelt and engaging. The dialogue flows as effortlessly as the yarns Tig spins on her radio show and life. It’s charming and helps you relax after a long day.

And my favorite series this month is…


Perfect for a rom-com date night marathon, an American working temporarily in London, has a one night stand that lasts all week. His temporary Irish girlfriend gets pregnant. I’d say this unlikely relationship makes for great comedy, but it’s obvious these two are perfect for each other from the first scene.

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