Season Two of American Gods will be open for worship services on Starz, March 10th at 8pm. Season One mostly dealt with introduction of characters and development of the gods’ backstories. It didn’t get too far into the book’s material. We left off with Shadow and Wednesday driving to the House on the Rock to seek reinforcement from other old gods against the new gods.

It’s clear that the series is going to be a long rolling road trip, which is nice. The best part of last season for me was the development of Laura Moon’s character and motivation. We also got an in depth backstory for my favorites character, the grumpy 6’5” leprechaun, Mad Sweeney.

Here are my reasons to keep watching after reviewing the first two episodes for Season Two.

Wednesday’s Plan

We go completely down the rabbit hole this season. We still have to wait to see Wednesday has up his sleeve. He seems really sure of himself, despite his age and lack of resources.

Born to Run


These two are an adorable dynamic duo.


Yetide Badaki has managed to give life to a character I found flat in the book. She walks the fine line of all engulfing sensuality and life affirming caregiver. She was forced to side with the new gods to survive, but I wonder whose side she’s really on. She could easily turn against anyone.


Orlando Jones captures your attention whenever he’s on screen. Maybe it’s his suit, maybe it’s his swag and smack talk.

The Leprechaun War?

I don’t know what is happening in this photo, but I can’t wait for this episode!

Mad Sweeney & Dead Wife

My favorite misfit couple is back this March! Sweeney and Laura Moon! Sure, she’s married to Shadow, or was, when she was alive, but I love the chemistry between these two. Will they end up as a couple in a rewrite? Shadow isn’t sending any signals of reconciliation. The new nicknames Sweeney gives Laura are worth watching by themselves!

Per Starz: American Gods is centered around Shadow, an ex-con who is released from prison early. He is recruited as a bodyguard in an impending war between the old world gods and the modern gods of technology and media. The show will amble through the American countryside. Along the way it will pick up the various gods who hitchhiked their way to America on the backs of immigrant beliefs and long-held superstitions.

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