I missed the recap for last week’s episode. Not much happened to advance the story. So here’s a quick breakdown of both this week and last.

The most important reveal from this week’s episode is Baz’s killer. In a flashback, we see Mia shoot Baz and drive off with the head of her group – gang? Family? – we aren’t sure what her relationship is with this guy. We also don’t know if Smurf hired Mia’s crew to kill Baz, along with getting all Smurf’s assets back. Josh has been giving Mia money weekly to keep Smurf safe in prison, but we’re not sure that’s the real reason Smurf is paying them.

Josh learns that running the family business isn’t just about paying bills. It’s about keeping tons of illegal cash flowing through the properties that are not really bringing in the revenues they are reporting. Josh also has to come up with money for a defense attorney for Smurf. The DA hasn’t given Smurf’s regular lawyer any of the murder evidence files because they are hoping to get evidence on her other dealings. (Remember, she technically didn’t kill Javier. But Baz went back and shot the already dead Javier with her gun.) Her family lawyer offered to create a private sale of a building to her. But Josh is suspect of that. He finally drips into his own stash of hidden cash to pay off Mia and the attorney.

Josh starts a physical relationship with Mia. Did he do it to cover up his relationship with Nikki – protecting Nikki. With Josh you never know, he has the best poker face. He breaks the news to the other boys that they need cash to keep things running and that the DA will go after everyone in the family if they can’t continue business as usual. The guys no longer have any of the huge sums of money that Baz gave them, after he stole it from Smurf. It turns out Smurf was helping everyone by not giving them the money outright.

Deran pulls his own job, with his own crew – a luxury car heist. He also cuts his hair and tries to sponsor his old boyfriend’s surfing career. He’s still making amends for beating up his old boyfriend to hide his homosexuality.

Craig, back in Mexico with Renn, is planning a tequila business. He’d probably drink any profits before a single bottle hit the market. But Craig has the crap beaten out of him and all his money stolen by neighbors after too many parties. He and Renn go back to Ocean Side.

So basically everyone is pulled back in to the family, and everyone needs of money.


My Favorite (Mostly Craig) Moments

You Do “You”

Craig thinks Deran is mad at him for going to Mexico and screwing up – again. But no, Deran wanted Craig to go. We know it’s mostly to get Craig out of Deran’s business. But we all love it when Craig does Craig, even though he clearly has no idea what that is yet – or even what Deran is talking about.


Oh No, Not Again

Nikki and Craig meet up in the kitchen. Both are upset about their cash situation. Nikki is also upset about Josh ignoring her and all the other brothers hating her. Who else was worried that these two might hook up again? All the vibes were there. It was a nail biter. But Craig was true to Renn, and he abruptly walks away with a quick, “Well, later!” He was probably just trying to get close enough to grab her drink.



Pope promises Lena he’ll be right outside her new private school on her first day if she needs anything.

He means it literally, he’s going to stay all day. He’s offended when a security guard tells him to leave. Creepy is what Pope does best!



Did anyone else catch this, or am I imagining things? A nurse stops by to check on Craig, in yet another accident that sends him to the ER. Craig is geeking out because the nurse turns out to be his favorite X Games athlete. He doesn’t notice the look Clark and Deran share.


Health Benefits

Say what you will about Smurf, she makes sure to take care of her boys. While waiting in the ER, Craig hopes that the health insurance has been paid in Smurf’s absence. Deran takes the card from Craig, and hands it to Renn. God knows Craig probably thinks it’s a credit card for drugs.



Craig is so happy to give Renn part of the first month’s rent on their new apartment. Only she never thought they were living together. He’s crushed. But seriously, he did leave her for dead after an overdose and stole all her stuff! All bets are off on he and Nikki hooking up again.



Deran helps Craig exact revenge on a developer who has torn down their favorite tamale shack. The developers and rising rents are also the reason Renn has to find a new place. Craig shares his heartache with Deran, the only one he ever shares anything. Before they finish the job, Craig realizes that this place wasn’t the tamale restaurant. Too late, being a big dildo, they finish the trash job, with cats.

Next week, Dennis Leary joins the Animal Kingdom family! How much trouble does he bring to the table?

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