Sweatpants & TV | Downton Abbey | Season 6, Episode 3
Oh, thank heaven—the wedding! Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes became Mr. and Mrs. Carson. I love Downton Abbey weddings, and I appreciate this one all the more, because it’s the last one we’ll see…or is it? I loved Mrs. Hughes’s acerbic self-talk as she faces her wedding day, including facing down the formidable Lady Mary. Mrs. Patmore asks Mrs. Hughes how she feels as a bride on the brink of her wedding day. “Och,” tuts Mrs. Hughes. “It’s a long time since I’ve been on the brink of anything. Except possibly the grave,” she quips.

Here are some key moments from last night:

Sweatpants & TV | Downton Abbey | Season 6, Episode 3
Two women of the servant class ask for what they want from Lady Cora. Mrs. Patmore speaks her truth to Cora, and Cora throws down with Lady Mary, over the question of where the Carson couple should wed. Lady Mary, nose up in the air, insists that her employees don’t know what they want, and Carson doesn’t dare to contradict her. But Cora calls Mrs. Hughes on the carpet, literally, and gets her to admit what she really wants: A simple wedding and breakfast. Lady Mary, with the utmost privilege, sneers at the reception idea:

“Does anyone have a sit-down wedding breakfast anymore?”

“A great many people, my lady,” Mrs. Hughes answers with more patience than I could muster.

Sweatpants & TV | Downton Abbey | Season 6, Episode 3

WOOP! It looks like Anna might be expecting! She’s glowing, smiling, and both Mary and Bates notice. She’s biting her tongue and biding her time, and all I can say is, Julian Fellowes, you’d better let her have it!

HELLO! Lady Edith fires the jackass of an editor and takes on the job herself, at least for the current issue. And she says yes to a date, a cocktail, that is, with Bertie Pelham, from that time in Scotland. But when she has to cancel at the last moment and put the magazine together overnight, Pelham joins her and together they put out an issue to be admired. Not only that, but Robert praises Edith when she returns to Downton a success.

Sweatpants & TV | Downton Abbey | Season 6, Episode 3

Mrs. Hughes, er, Carson finally gets her way—a family-style wedding breakfast at the schoolhouse. The church wedding is modest and chaste, but aching with sweetness. It is a dear sight when the two old friends finally peck on the lips. Bonus: Bagpipes!

Sweatpants & TV | Downton Abbey | Season 6, Episode 3

What we loved:

Surprise! Tom is back from America with little Sybbie!

The moment after Mrs. Hughes speaks up, when Mary asks her mother, “You think I’m a bully?” and Cora responds, “I think you’re a snob.” Zing!

Edith the magazine editor, when she says, “Let’s not be sad! After all, we’ve just edited a magazine!”

Sorrynotsorry, but that wedding food looked delicious.

Edith finally getting her confidence, with an admiring man and a proud father.

What we’re looking forward to:

Will Tom want his job back, and take it from the powerful Lady Mary’s hands?

What’s up with Robert’s indigestion? Is danger looming in a health scare?

Daisy is all aglow about the Drewes’ farm opening up, but Cora doesn’t seem too keen to hand it over to Mr. Mason. Will they or won’t they settle this business?

Is there any hope for Barrow to find another job? Or is he destined to smirk bitterly at all the men who don’t love him? I used to loathe him, but he’s just a sad puppy now.

What we’re not looking forward to:

Any more of the tedious hospital committee drama. Lord, it’s not entertaining in real life. Why would it be entertaining to watch on TV? Make it stop!


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