Parenthood, Series Finale – “May God Bless You and Keep You Always”

Parenthood Finale

Every single minute of watching the series finale of Parenthood hurt.
Like trying to swallow a giant, suffocating ball in your throat kind of hurt.

I repeatedly increased the volume in order to be able to hear the dialog over my sobs. I ugly cried through the entire episode. Oh, the moments.

There were so many moments:

Joel and Julia being offered to adopt the baby that they had always wanted.
Hank asking Zeek for his blessing.
Zeek telling Sarah she was his favorite.
Sarah thanking Zeek for letting her come home.
Zeek telling Crosby that he run the Luncheonette on his own.
Adam supporting Crosby running the Luncheonette on his own.
Lynn not reacting to Max being Max, but just liking him.
Zeek and Camille telling Amber she and baby Zeek are their third act.
Drew’s best man speech.
Joel and Julia deciding that since the baby is Victor’s, that she’s already theirs.
Christina giving Adam Chambers.
Zeek peacefully passing in his chair.
The entire “May God Bless and Keep You” song montage.

What I loved:

Every minute.

The folks behind this show love us, they really do. Parenthood was such a gift. I mean, who saw this coming? You start watching it because “Oooh look, it’s Lauren Graham from Girlmore Girls!” or “Dax Sheppard will totes be fun to make fun of!” or “It’s the dude from Six Feet Under!” I feel kind of like we all got hoodwinked in the best possible way. We had no idea what they were about to do to us. For approximately 6,180 minutes they made us laugh, cry, and feel ALLTHETHINGS. I feel like a bastard for not being more trusting that we viewers would get the same kind of treatment regarding their farewell to us.

The care they took with our hearts, our emotions, and the consideration they showed their fans for their dedication in this final hour with the Braverman family was extraordinary.

They hurt us, but in the most beautiful kind of way. The whole episode was the kind of goodbye that funerals are meant to be: a celebration of a life well lived. We lived with these people for six years and as we got closer to them, we drew closer to ourselves. We learned how to be more patient, more kind, more understanding, but mostly? More human. This show was a testament to the human spirit. I never made it through a single episode without crying, and I know I wasn’t alone.

My fellow Sweatpants & Coffee contributor and Parenthood correspondent, Amy McElroy, said it perfectly: “My big thing was how all week I was seeing all these posts from women who are big Christina fans, and I was so glad that the episode was, to me, all about Sarah. When Zeek said, ‘Did you know you were my favorite?’ I found it especially poignant, because for me, the show has always been all about Sarah. How human and imperfect she is as a mom, sister, daughter, lover, etc., and how that represents every other character and the whole family.”

I’d be remiss if I didn’t make a special mention of Max’s quotes. He has to be one of the most unintentionally witty people ever:

“I’m not going to be assisting Hank, you need to work on your listening skills. I am going to be the sole photographer.”
“Your complexion is too pale. You make a terrible assistant.”
“I can guarantee you I will not be wearing a suit.”
“It doesn’t matter, nobody cares about you. It’s all about the bride.”
“We cannot take a selfie. Selfies are hurting my industry.”

Alllllso? I got my flash-forward. I prayed for it, I begged for it. I threatened a wrath via the Twitters if I didn’t get it. And I got it.

The highlights of the future life of the Braverman’s:

Julia and Joel had yet another baby!
Jasmine is pregnant again!
Max is smiling, laughing, and making eye contact!
Ryan got better and was okay!
Amber ended up with JASON FUCKING STREET?!
Just in case I didn’t just say that big or loud enough:
Amber ended up with JASON FUCKING STREET?!

The die-hard Friday Night Light’s fanatic that will always reside deep inside me lost her ever lovin’ mind at this point. I came UNGLUED. The hysterics of my hyperventilating, blubbering mess of a self were nothing short of epic. I have said for months that if this show didn’t end with Amber ending up with Ryan that I was going to be so pissed. They sure showed me. Amber not only ends up with a former FNL character, but one of my favorite two FNL characters? (Riggins shout out!). Matt Lauria shaking hands with Scott Porter is one of the greatest things that’s happened to me since this little reunion:


And then this happened:

Images via Scott Porter’s Instagram

I just. Can’t. Eveeeennnn. Well played, Jason Katims. Seriously. I love you so hard.

What could have been better:

Drew’s weird creepstache, which he shaved prior to Sarah and Hank’s wedding. I think the only thing that could be better is this show never ending. Ever.

What I’m looking forward:

The reunion show. Duh.

Parenthood Finale 2
Image credit: Lauren Wakefield Photography

Farewell, Parenthood. You will be forever missed.



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