“For the first time, we’ll have to see the characters survive the apocalypse in a new way. They understand there’s no turning back,” Fear the Walking Dead‘s showrunner David Erickson told the crowd at SDCC about the survivors’ story. “We’re going to see a level of violence and intensity in the second half that we haven’t seen before.”

“We’re really going to see a lot of things that you probably have never seen on television before during the zombie apocalypse,” said showrunner Gale Anne Hurd.

“The rules and Mexican culture of dealing with the dead including the three kinds of death for Mexican culture will play a role in the show,” added new cast member Danay Garcia.

The family that slays together… doesn’t necessarily stay together. The exciting, wall-to-wall action-packed trailer for Fear the Walking Dead‘s sophomore season’s second half suggests that our favorite band of dysfunctional survivors are going to wish pretty damn quickly that the band was still together! After spending the first half of the season on a determined mission to Mexico, the second half sends them out into the wilderness with no clear direction but for staying one step ahead of walkers, roving bad guys, and the stench that must surely be wafting like gangbusters from Nick’s unfathomably filthy hair! Rejoin the family and all our thrill-a-minute recaps when Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on August 21st at 9pm EST!



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