Game of Thrones is known for a lot of things. So many things. Some of them are pretty awful. Some of them are pretty great. You know what else it should be known for? Some of the best “I’m judging you so hard right now” faces on television. Seriously, the folks populating Westeros and Essos are seriously salty and are not afraid to let you see that.

Varys cannot believe you kiss your mother with that mouth.

Yara knows exactly what you said after those six shots of tequila last night.

Arya really thinks you need to reevaluate some of your life choices.

Daenerys is so very tired of your shit.

He may not know a lot, but Jon Snow does know that he is not impressed with you right now.

What on earth did you do to warrant an intergenerational judging?

Sansa thinks you sound an awful lot like Baelish right now. Not cool.

Cersei is just waiting for an excuse to sic the Mountain on you.

Robb is pretty sure that is the most disgusting thing he has ever heard.]

And the best, most Judgy McJudgington face in the Game of Thrones universe is, of course, Lady “I’m a preteen and I already have zero f*cks to give” Lyanna Mormont!

She is definitely trying to straight up murder you with her eyes.

Did we miss your favorite salty face? Link it in the comments!


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