Season 2 of Outlander is winding to a close next week (sob!) and as we are on hiatus this week before the 90-minute season finale, we thought we’d take this opportunity to re-live some of the best moments of the season, in GIF form. Join us next Monday the 11th for our recap of “Dragonfly in Amber”, the season 2 finale, which airs on STARZ on July 9.


Jamie is adorable no matter what he’s doing, so let’s just take a minute to be jealous over the way he looks at Claire.


We might have ugly-cried just a tiny bit at Murtagh’s reaction when Claire asks him to protect Jamie in battle.


Jamie’s one-liners never failed to amuse, especially in this scene where they make plans to “taint” the Count’s shipment of wine.


We understood Murtagh’s disdain for France all too well during this scene, where a comically constipated King Louis makes use of his chamber pot before an audience of courtiers.


We were perhaps a bit less surprised than Jamie about the finer points of ladies’ grooming, but loved his reaction to Claire’s new look. “Your honeypot…is bare!”


Mary’s innocence about sex made us feel sorry for her, but it was a never-ending source of amusement for Louise.


The Highland Charge was indeed a sight to behold!


Jamie is sexy at all times, but watching him get his mojo back after Claire reveals that Randall is alive was the best!


Claire’s at her funniest when she’s using anachronisms from her own time, and her putting Dougal in his place when he tried to blackmail her was no exception.


The Duke of Sandringham employed many classically over-the-top facial expressions, but his “exasperated” face was our favorite.


When Murtagh says something, you know damned well he means it. When Claire and Mary are attacked, Murtagh means business, and boy, does he ever deliver.


A shirtless Jamie praying over Claire in Gaelic as she slept was one of the more swoon-worthy moments of the season.


We loved to hate the curiously attractive Count St. Germaine this season. He was deliciously nasty, no?


Claire’s look of determination when she storms Versailles to entreat King Louis to release Jamie from the Bastille is just one of the reasons we loved her this season.


In King Louis’ star chamber, Claire quickly realizes she’s in over her head when the King enlists her to judge the souls of Le Comte St. Germain and Maistre Raymond.


How could we forget Angus’ meet-cute with Bonnie Prince Charlie! He can’t resist a bit of his signature sarcasm here. RIP Angus, you will be missed.


We loved when Jamie and Claire playacted for the British soldier in order to extract information out of him. Claire got a little carried away and Jamie got a let’s admit it – a bit deserved – shot to the groin.


Mary is so rarely funny – intentionally or otherwise – that we couldn’t help but snicker at her reaction after the bloodbath at the Duke of Sandringham’s.


We couldn’t hold back our tears as Jamie returned victorious from the Battle of Prestonpans and swept Claire into a great hug.


The never-not-funny Duke of Sandringham makes no bones about needing a drink, and so might we, if this season’s finale is everything promised! See you next week!

Image Credits: STARZ, Outlander Community


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