Spoilers ahead!

This week on New Girl, Coach and May broke up, Fawn threw Schmidt under the bus, and then we stepped in some actual story arc. I should be honest and tell you that at this point, I am watching New Girl more for what it once was and what I hope it can be than for what is actually happening. More on that later.

New Girl, Season 4, Episode 21 – “Panty Gate”

New Girl Fawmit

What I loved:

CeCe’s emotions when she talks about Schmidt. At least someone has some. Hannah Simone shows real depth in those moments, and I dig it. #TeamSchmece

Although there wasn’t enough time, really, to get invested in the Coach/May romance, I did love that he needed cheering up and that part of what cheered him up was hearing “Black Velvet” on the jukebox. “This. Is. My. Jam.”

New Girl 4x21 Coach

Obviously, we are all happy Schmidt broke up with Fawn. FAWSOME. Not just that they broke up, but that he broke up with her because he wanted to be in love. Our Schmidt has grown up, y’all. Remember when he was just a wee douchebag, stuffing dollars in the Douchebag Jar like there was no tomorrow? Also, this look after his fake underwear tantrum:

New Girl 4x21 Schmidt

What could have been better:

This entire season, frankly. New Girl is trying so hard to not be the “will they, won’t they cliché” that they’ve lost the core of the show, which is genuine caring and emotion. When I first started watching back in season 1, I couldn’t figure out what this show really was, because it seemed to be a sitcom, but there were these surprisingly poignant moments. And then I figured out that that was the show. Laughs and then piercing connection and honesty.

I’m not bored with New Girl because Nick and Jess broke up, though I was and am a hardcore Ness shipper. I’m bummed because it’s become so quippy and the characters seem simply to be going through the motions of rearranging themselves in the loft. Liz Meriwether, bring yo game back, girl! Give us the real, awkward, good stuff. We can handle it.

What I’m looking forward to:

New Girl 4x21 Nick and Jess

I’m not out on this show yet. As much as I enjoyed Damon Wayans, I do think his leaving will restore equilibrium in the loft. I hope we can find something for Winston to do besides be brilliant comic relief. I hope the romantic relationships resolve in genuine and funny ways. I’m hanging in for that.

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