SPOILER ALERT! Spoilery spoilerrific spoilers. If you keep reading, it means either you’ve watched the episode or you love being spoiled. The end.


Okay, so OMG!!! Let me just break it down for a minute IN ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS:

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Schmidt proposed to CeCe! OMG, you guys! FINALLY! Not only did Jess spill the beans that CeCe’s in love with Schmidt, he totally WENT FOR IT!

Okay, let’s back it up a bit, because this was a pretty good season finale.

What I Loved:

Coach is moving to NYC with Whatshername, and everyone, following his lead, is purging and keeping what only is necessary. Coach, however – realizing he can’t just leave this life completely behind – buys a bigger bag and stuffs in a bunch of stuff that will remind him of his friends in L.A., including a scarf that Jess is SUPER FAST AT KNITTING, Y’ALL.

All together now: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

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So, the Sex Mug. Let’s talk about it.

New Girl 4x22 Clean Break Nick Jess sex mug

It’s a mug that Nick and Jess would put out (HA! GET IT?) on the foyer table when one of them was feeling randy. It makes an appearance, yet we’re uncertain as to who put it out. Jess? Nick? Who wants who? (whom? I can never be sure, and I’m too lazy to look it up, so let’s go with who, it makes us all sound less pretentious) But one thing we know for sure: there is POSSBILY SOME CHEMISTRY STILL WITH NICK AND JESS AND THIS MEANS I’LL KEEP WATCHING.


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Okay so Schmidt and CeCe! Whaaaat? CeCe was mountain climbing or something? And she suddenly gets cell signal and all these voice mails from Schmidt and runs home – all askew and a little dirty and hair a bit mussed (metaphors, anyone?), just after Jess (bless her heart) spills the beans about CeCe still loving him and he’s all, “I have to go find her!” and she shows up on his doorstep and he PROPOSES? It’s like, my dream come true, ya’ll!

New Girl 4x22 Clean Break Schmidt Cece proposal

What Could Have Been Better:

In this episode? NOTHING. It was AWESOME. Winston is his usual, unassumingly charming self, there’s a glimmer of hope for Jess and Nick (I’m not saying anything else about that, go watch it yourself) and Schmidt and CeCe are so much MORE THAN BACK TOGETHER!

New Girl Season 4 finale

What I’m Looking Forward To:

Um, EVERYTHING? ALL THE THINGS? I guess I’ll have to binge on Bob’s Burgers and something about a scrotum on Netflix that the guy at my wine store was telling me about the other day. Yeah. I take binge-watching advice from my wine guy. WHAT? He has great taste in wine…..

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