The Good Place returns to NBC this Thursday, September 27th at 8 PM EST.

This season gets the mother of all reboots, with Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason getting one last second chance. Or maybe it is their 1,001st chance. Tune in to see if this one sticks.

When we left the gang in the Bad Place, Michael convinced Judge Gen (short for Hydrogen) to reboot the gang one last time. Eleanor traveled to Australia to find Chidi after seeing his video about being good.


Here is a “No Spoiler look” at what you can expect this season.

  • These two still have a connection.

  • There will be astute observations about humanity.
  • There will be astute jokes about “The Bachelor.”
  • Michael and Janet do what they always do – interfere.

  • Tahani tries even harder to not name drop.

And here are a few minor non-plot spoilers. Don’t read further if you don’t want to know.

  • There will be several bad Australian accents, mate.

  • Trevor shows up to cause trouble!
  • The other Hemsworth brother makes an appearance. No, the other Hemsworth brother. Nope, not that one – just watch to see which Hemsworth brother shows up.
  • Jason gets his dance troop back together.

That’s all I can spill about Season Three. Tune in on Thursdays to find out if this reboot earns the gang a spot in The Good Place, or if Michael comes up with other options.

Photo Source: NBC

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