The premier for Midnight, Texas introduces our new family and sets up the tension for the season. We meet Manfred working as a psychic and communicating with the dearly departed. He has recently increased his rates to pay off a debt collector. He runs away to Midnight, Texas in a beaten up old RV, on the recommendation of his dead granny.

Manfred’s client updates her late husband, Harold, on her new love life. Harold turns out to be the jealous type, who doesn’t like his wife dating his best friend. In his anger, he takes over Manfred’s body.

Manfred can barely stop his possessor from killing his paying client. Manfred is learning to control this unfortunate “side effect” from his gift, and suffers headaches whenever he’s possessed.

Our hero hightails it out of town when a debt collector, Hightower, calls. His dead grandmother hitches a ride with him to remind him that he’ll be safe in Midnight. He respects her advice. He’s such a good boy.

Once landing in Midnight, Manfred can hear all the dead owners of the items in Midnight’s pawn shop. He hates it in there. But here he meets Bobo, owners of the shop, and Manfred’s new landlord. Bobo is a nice enough fellow who doesn’t seem to have any unworldly gifts other than the ability to sell possessed junk and a possessed house to rent (more on that later). He invites Manfred to purchase older furnishing at the shop if he doesn’t like the newer accommodations.

Manfred explains he can’t pay rent yet. Bobo offers forgo rent, in exchange for Manfred’s psychic abilities to find his missing finance. Manfred confesses that he’s just good at reading people. The psychic thing isn’t real. He however doesn’t offer up that he can see and talk to dead people. Fortunately or unfortunately for Bobo, his fiancé turns up dead, so Manfred can ultimately help. (More on that later.)

At dinner Manfred meets Creek. There is instant chemistry between the two. She invites him in as a familiar to Midnight, not a townie. And we learn there is a Springfield versus Shelbyville vibe between Midnight and Davy, Texas. Davy being full of all the cool kids and Midnight, all the freaks – literally.

Manfred meets the resident vampire in a rude way. Lemuel (a vampire) drains Manfred’s energy, not blood to control his temper when the Davey folks hit on a waitress. The blue eyed demon apologizes in advance.

Manfred is unfazed by the encounter. He is starting to feel at home, even though the town gun for hire, Olivia, gives him the stink eye. Creek invites him to the town picnic the next day and Lemuel warns Manfred that Creek’s daddy is overly protective of her.

The next day at the town picnic, we meet the town witch who hexes her cookies. They’ll make Manfred sick if he has bad intentions in Midnight. Before Manfred can sample her cooking, a body is found in the river. It is Aubrey Hamilton, Bobo’s fiancé.

The murder brings an ill-intending police officer from Davy into Midnight’s midst. She is a zealot, who assumes the murder is a cult related. Methinks she still holds onto high school grudges because she’s stuck in Davey.

Manfred is then haunted by Aubrey’s corpse or ghost, I’m not sure how this works yet. She doesn’t look very good. She drown, so she is bloated and can only gurgle up water and write on windows. She wants help catching her murderer. (Man, death is going to be a bummer if we are stuck looking like we did when we died.)

Manfred pulls out a ouija board to talk with Aubrey and learns his new home is infested with other dead spirits. And those spirts are really angry about being dad. He can see how each of them died. He can’t keep the spirits out, so he puts an evil eye on the door and walks away.

Before he walked away from his personal hell mouth, Aubrey gave Manfred the name of a bridge in town where the police find the gun that shot her in the river.

Olivia interrogates Manfred to find out his intentions. (Personally I think she just enjoys torturing people.) Manfred lets them all know about his gift and his grandmother, Xylda. Xylda was a once resident of Midnight and friend to Lemuel. Lemuel makes the final decision that Manfred must be a good guy.

Our enemies for the show are the Sons of Lucifer, a biker gang. They attack Bobo, claiming he killed Aubrey when he learned she was already married to a member of their gang. Olivia and Lemuel save Bobo, and Lemuel gets a free meal of a gang member.

The police also think Bobo has motive to kill Aubrey for the same reason. Did the Son’s of Lucifer tip them off? Bobo is arrested in the middle of town. Fiji, our resident peace-loving-hippie witch tries to save him, but ultimately they need to let the police go, so as not to raise suspicions. (I think the suspicion ship sailed when she tried to turn over a police car with her powers.)

We end with poor Manfred back at his infested home, wondering why the hell grandma thought Midnight would be a great place to hide out.

Will Manfred be able to sleep in his own house? Will we learn if Bobo, Olivia or Creek have any special powers? Will the debt collector, Hightower find Manfred in Midnight? Tune in next week to find out. We’ll cover the remaining residents’ profiles in future weeks.

Photo Source: NBC Midnight, Texas


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