After last week’s bonus episode, we all know who the “Virgin Sacrifice” is in this week’s title. For the season finale, Kolkonar manifests and he wants Fiji for her virginal powers to spawn little Kolkonars and destroy the world.

The gang heads back to town in their big RV to help Fiji. Then they decide to walk into town, either to avoid detection, or because it looks cooler. It give the episode a slight Western theme when they square off with the wraith in a high noon shoot out. None of the wraiths actually dies though.

Olivia wonders whether Lemuel can handle being around all the holy weapons they need against the wraiths guarding Fiji. He says he’ll be fine since he’s built up a tolerance to holy water and such. (The writers need to work on weaving in these tidbits about monster myth. The setups for breaking with traditional myths can be seen a mile away.)

The group distracts the wraiths long enough to get Manfred into the pawn shop to set up his plan, and Bobo and Creek into Fiji’s house. Olivia, however gets touched by Fiji’s demon ex-boyfriend, Jeremy and she is burned very badly.

Manfred’s plan is to weapon-ize himself, by becoming possessed by the demonic spirits tethered to objects in the pawn shop. Hopefully Manfred be strong enough to kill Kolkonar. And hopefully the demons will help him as a way to break out of their prisons.  Lemuel finds Manfred all the ammo he’ll need. I guess he’s been keeping those objects out of site of regular customers.

Creek takes Olivia to the hospital and Fiji and Bobo have a heart to heart. Fiji wants to give herself to Kolkonar and then kill him in the same manner she accidentally killed her boyfriend years earlier. Bobo has other plans. He figures if Fiji isn’t a virgin, Kolkonar will have no use for her. And he’s just the man to take her virginity. He’s very “zen” about the whole thing.

Lemuel questions Manfred every step of the way, asking first if Manfred would like some vampire blood for regeneration. (He also lets us no in a not so subtle plug that vampire blood has side effects for humans, but won’t turn you into a vampire. Cue Olivia at death’s door.) Then Lemuel questions whether there could possibly be another way than demonic possession to kill Kolkonar. He is really worried about having to kill Manfred if he can’t come back from this possession. Manfred, with his head aches and generally being the unwilling savior of the world, understandably gets a little irritated at being second guessed all the time.

Manfred confronts Kolkonar as he rises from hell.

And Fiji decides maybe Bobo’s plan is best.

We know exactly when Fiji loses her virginity. Kolkonar basically announces it to the world. Manfred gets another shot of demon juice from an artifact and goes in for the kill. I never get sick of seeing Francois possessed by spirits. He does it so well.

Manfred kills Kolkonar and sends his helper demons back to hell. The gang goes to the hospital to check on Olivia. Then, surprise, Lemuel gives Olivia some of his blood to instantly heal her. We also learn that Madonna, the restaurant operator, has been giving Olivia’s dad the 411 on his little girl. Then Olivia and Lemuel get married. (Creek is late to the start of the ceremony. Seriously what was she doing in this one street town that was so important?) According to the speech Rev gives, Olivia still won’t become a vampire.

The next morning, a developer arrives to renovate the hotel. No one thinks it’s a good idea. But it will make for a new season starting point.

That’s it for this season? I wonder where Olivia and Lemuel will honeymoon? And what effects will vampire blood have on Olivia? Will Olivia kill Madonna when she learns she’s been spying on her? Will Manfred get over his headaches? What fun will the hotel hold next season? And the biggest question: will Midnight, Texas be renewed for a second season? I think the series as a whole has potential. But I hope next season they slow down the story lines and increase the effects budget.

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