In “Blood Moon Rising” we are no closer to finding Aubrey’s killer. But Manfred proves he’s willing to be neighborly and we learn what’s up with the Rev and Joe. Manfred and Creek start the week by running to escape something that has ripped into Manfred. Then we do a little backtracking to get to this point.

Manfred thinks maybe Midnight isn’t for him and Hightower is still on his trail. His dead granny’s spirit reminds him that he needs to ask for help from the kind folk of Midnight.

Manfred relents and tells them he can talk to the dead and can get answer’s from Aubrey if only he could deal with the demons infesting his house.

Meanwhile poor Bobo is stuck in jail. The sheriff’s assistant (I’m not going to bother remembering her name. She doesn’t live long enough) decides she can get answers out of Bobo by throwing him in with members of the gang of Aubrey’s actual husband. (Aubrey may have been Bobo finance, but she was already married to a skinhead.) The gang members attempt to beat down Bobo, claiming he killed Aubrey. We don’t know if Bobo has any real powers, but he can kick four racists butt’s into the ground.

Fiji and Joe help Manfred with his demon problem. He’s relieved that others can see the seething red evil, that’s banging under his floor boards. He’s not crazy, he just sees ghosts that no one else can see.

Manfred gets a chance to speak with Aubrey. He let’s her take over his body to see her murder. He see’s a biker right before her vision almost drowns him. Fiji offers to do an exorcism, while Manfred go to the Davy police with his information from Aubrey.

Joe’s boyfriend stops him on his way out the door to take Manfred to the police station. Joe’s in trouble for flying, and leaving feathery evidence in the laundry. We still don’t know why Joe has to hide this in Midnight. On the way to the police station, Manfred gets the stink eye from Creek’s dad.

Aubrey was dragged by a guy with a Sons of Lucifer’s mask and jacket. Joe insists that Manfred is a badass for sticking his neck out for his new neighbors. The police find the jacket and ultimately release Bobo. The sheriff also suspends the deputy for locking Bobo up with the skin heads, who promptly goes off to illegally snoop and committing a breaking and entering in Midnight.

Then we learn Rev is a werewolf. Are all the tenants in his pet cemetery his victims? Olivia helps him lockdown for the full moon. Things don’t go as planned when the nosey deputy, with her high school angst, cuts the chains and let’s Rev out. She’s immediately killed and we learn Rev’s were-form is a tiger. And like tigers, he leaves his prey in trees. He has no need to eat her because he already chowed down on a bull.

Manfred leaves Fiji at his house and comes upon the dead sheriff’s deputy and Rev in tiger form. He saves Creek, bring us to the opening scene. They run off and meet up with Olivia and Lemuel. Lemuel has been drawn out by the smell of blood. Olivia automatically assumes the new guy let the Rev out. Then she insults Manfred for his lack of knowledge of werewolves. She’s never going to give him a break. She then insists she needs ammo.

After being patched up by the restaurant owner, Manfred heads back to his place to check Fiji’s progress on her house cleansing. The shaking and slamming house suddenly calms – mission accomplished. Except for the really nasty, gooey devil catcher Fiji set up. There’s also the “little Hop of Horror’s” voice saying “Fiji”, sounding a lot like “Feed me!”

Manfred is tossed out of the house, but busts back in to see Fiji pinned to a wall. He grabs his great-great-great-great grandmother’s skull out of the trailer. His great-great-great-great grandmother was powerful. Her skull is completely destroyed, but it managed to suck the bad juju out of Fiji.

If that wasn’t stressful enough, the rest of the Midnighters are out in the woods hunting the Rev. Olivia is no nonsense. She loves Rev but she also knows Midnight can’t weather attention, nor would Rev want to hurt anyone. So she plans on killing him. Luckily Lemuel has another way. He gets into a cat fight, literally, and drains Rev of his strength, saving him for another month of torturing his soul.

Just as things start to calm down, Aubrey’s skinhead widower blows up the sheriff’s car outside the police station.

And Joe shows us a picture he’s been painting. He works in the style of those creepy Flemish and Dutch renaissance guys, depicting the apocalypse. He’s painting from memory because he was there the last time this happened. He thinks Manfred and his talents are a foretold prophecy to prevent the veil between good and evil breaking. Manfred’s gonna love that.

Has Fiji been attacked by an uber-evil trying to break down the walls between world? Will we learn if Bobo, Olivia or Creek have any special powers? Will the debt collector, Hightower find Manfred in Midnight? Tune in next week to find out.

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