Last week Rev was unchained. Actually his cage was opened. And I guess, this week, Lemuel is unchained. I have to be honest, this won’t go down as a favorite episode for me. It is a slightly campy, predictable, vampire story. Here’s a quick recap, so everyone can get back to their Summer vacation. I promise a more in depth recap next week.

The most important news for viewers this week, is this:

Creek and Manfred are knocking cowboy boots, I’d say “finally”, but this is only the third episodes. She seems strangely cool about the whole thing. She wants to keep it from everyone, especially her dad.

As Creek leaves Manfred’s bed, Lemuel’s friends arrive and try to eat her. Lemuel saves her and says all Midnighters are off limits. They pretend they are just having some fun. But they aren’t.

Nobody but Lemuel trusts them. He only trusts Zack because Zack saved him from slavery. Actually, Lemuel freed himself. Zack just turned him into a vampiristic-slaver-revenge machine.

After a few years, he felt like a slave again. Then in the 1950’s Manfred’s grandmother came along as a young psychic, and freed Lemuel from his need for blood. He can know drain energy and kill other vamps.

Nobody in Midnight trust the den of travelling vampires. And for good reason, they used to run Midnight and they want it back. Olivia and Manfred bond over a mutual distrust of Lemuel’s friends. Will this bring them closer? Maybe it will prevent Olivia from killing Manfred in the future, or at least not mortally wounding him. I’m guessing she still really wants to shot him just for kicks.

The vamps incapacitate Lemuel with a silver-laced blood toast for old time sake. Then they try to kill off the whole town. Fiji has a crystal that will replicate sunlight if they shine a big enough flashlight through it. But an unfortunate series of mishaps designed to stretch the story to an hour, leads to Manfred turning into everyone’s hero.

He draws out the vamps with the belief that he has the key to his grandmother’s draining abilities to give to Zack. Zack falls for it and Joe zaps everyone with the special crystal. All the vamps evaporate. Hurray! Everyone bonds in the middle of the street, same as they have done every episode so far. (Hey, there’s a bar right next door guys. This calls for a few drinks.)

Also, Fiji and Bobo get closer, then play it off as best friends miscommunicating.

And Creek’s father really hates Manfred, even though Manfred was a major badass hero this episode and saved everyone in town. Finally, Joe confesses to the Rev that he is a fallen angel and the apocalypse is on this way.

See you next week!

Photo Source: NBC Midnight, Texas

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