In “Sexy Beast” the crew fights off a reckless succubus. Fiji tries to impress Bobo. Creek’s little brother finds a reason to like Manfred, even though their dad still hates him. Joe and his boyfriend remain a mystery. And Olivia reveals her past.

In the opening scene a blonde on a picnic table in the middle of nowhere, attracts the attention of a horn dog in his convertible. Honestly, his death serves him right. What guy isn’t suspicious of this woman? The demon man-eater then uses her victim’s car as a distress signal for other fools who think they have a shot with a woman this hot.

Back in Midnight, these two are still hiding their nooners from everyone in town. Creek tells Manfred her dad is worried Manfred won’t stick around. When Creek asks about a bullet wound, Manfred admits that his grandmother ran a con on a guy, but he’s working to pay Hightower back. Being a con artist doesn’t leave Creek any more at ease, so she’s keeping their relationship at a distance – a naked distance, but distance all the same. Manfred is actually worried that Hightower wants him dead even if the debt is paid.

Bobo wants to go after his dead girlfriend’s killer, since the cops aren’t doing anything. But Bobo promises Fiji that he won’t get messed up with Aubrey’s dangerous husband. Fiji then invites Bobo to dinner. Olivia suggests Fiji wear something other have a peasant skirt and sweater. I sympathize with Fiji. It’s harder to catch a guy’s eye when he’s obsessed with his dead girl friend’s murder.

Unfortunately Bobo cancels when Aubrey’s husband and his Sons of Lucifer gang, ransacks Bobo’s house. Bobo goes looking for the gang leader at the local bar.

The demon’s first victim had sold his daddy’s stolen Rolex in Bobo’s pawn shop and was living the high life. His sister is following her brother’s trail. Bobo points her to Manfred to help find him. Manfred immediately confirms that her brother is dead. She knows her brother was stupid enough to think a random blonde on the side of the road would want him.

He goes to investigate for the sister and finds his car. The demon, who we learn later is a succubus, has her next meal interrupted by Manfred. She looks like this:

Manfred high tails it out of there and enlists the help of all the regulars in Midnight to identify her. Creek is curious as to why the succubus, who only feeds on men who cause pain, would have gone after Manfred. Hell, everyone in Midnight probably caused pain at one point in their lives.

Our second sexy beast killer is Olivia, who we accompany on a hit. I guess with the police chief dead, she can leave town despite no arrests in Aubrey’s murder. Her hit is a fund manager who stole people’s entire savings. When leaving the job, she notices she is being followed. She kidnaps the guy and drags him back to Midnight.

Olivia learns her stalker was hired by her father to make sure she was alright. Lemuel enlists her to help with the succubus to take her mind off of her past. She leaves her dad’s lackie thinking about all the ways he might die.

Fiji whips up a potion that destroys the glamour spell used to make the succubus appear beautiful. And everyone heads to Ladies’ Night at the local bar to hunt down the demon. Fiji bumps into Bobo and saves him and the Sons of Lucifer gang. The gang is convinced their leader wouldn’t have killed Aubrey. They assume Bobo did it. Fiji, our third sexy beast of the episode, forgives Bobo for standing her up and not keeping his promise about the gang members.

Creek’s brother shows up at the bar with a fake id and Creek sends him home. He’s been following his sister to look after her around Manfred. Creek confronts the succubus in the parking lot. Lemuel takes the demon into the woods so drunks don’t see them. The gang all arrives to destroy the demon, but it gets away and goes after Creek’s brother. Manfred saves Creek’s family members once again, killing the demon.

Olivia goes home and lets her father’s investigator live. She is surprisingly open with the guy. We learn Olivia has mommy and daddy issues. Honestly, don’t all women who end up with vampires, have daddy issues? Olivia confesses that her dad left her alone with her pill-popping step-monster, who sold her to men to supplement her lifestyle. Lemuel came into her life and saved her, but not before she hunted down and killed all the men who abused her. You go, girl!

We end with this.

These two finally both admit they want to be more than besties. I’m so glad a story line of missed opportunities wasn’t dragged out between these two!

Will Bobo find Aubrey’s killer? Will Creek start trusting Manfred? Will Creek’s dad learn about Manfred and Creek’s lunch breaks? And will we learn who Joe is hiding from? I am off for the next few weeks, so my recaps may be short. I promise business as usual come September!

Photo Source: NBC Midnight, Texas


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