Please forgive my abbreviated recap this week and next. I have spliced it together between end of Summer activities.

Manfred and Bobo’s pasts are unearthed this week. Neither of their girlfriends are impressed.

Hightower has tracked down Manfred. He left a creepy jack in the box on his front porch and tells him to meet him at the train station. Grandma tells Manfred to ask Midnighters for help again.

The Sons of Lucifer firebomb the antique shop. Lemuel and Olivia are alright, but the fire was a distraction to kidnap Fiji. Fiji’s cat is upset about it. She feed him after all. If anyone had any doubt, Mr. Snuggle is not a human stuck in a cat form, he’s just a talking cat, with all the disinterest in his owner as any cat.

We learn Aubrey got close to Bobo to draw him out for her husband. Bobo is the son of a wealthy white supremacist. At seventeen, he left his family and took a stash of money and weapons. Many extremist groups have been trying to get to it since then.

Manfred wants to run from Hightower, but Creek won’t leave her brother in Midnight with their dad. Manfred agrees not to leave if Creek isn’t beside him.

Manfred sells most of his family relics to pay back Hightower. Bobo gives him a gun too. Creek goes to Olivia to ask for help with Hightower. For Creek she’ll do it. Olivia even fronts Manfred the rest of the cash he owes Hightower.

The uneasy pair confronts what they believe to be Hightower. But it is actually the corpse of Hightower’s daughter, Violet. She was engaged to Manfred as part of the scam and Manfred walked out on her after the con was over. Hightower, who can perform black magic, attacks Manfred and Oliva with telekinesis.

Oliva makes Manfred confess everything to Creek. He was supposed to marry Hightower’s daughter for money and they walked out once they got the money. Then Violet killed herself. So now Creek isn’t speaking to Manfred.

Bobo confronts the Sons of Lucifer. He’s handing over all the money and weapons. Lemuel stows away with the shipment to help get Fiji back. The gang has no intention of letting Bobo go. They are convinced Bobo killed Aubrey. And Bobo is convinced they killed her.

Olivia and Manfred capture Hightower and Manfred wins points with Olivia.

Manfred insists Hightower has gotten his pound of flesh because Hightower cured them with black magic and his grandmother immediately got sick and died. He insists they were even. He also offers to speak with Violet to give Hightower closure.

Closure with Violet doesn’t go so well after Violet takes over Manfred’s body to speak with daddy. She is livid. She didn’t kill herself over Manfred leaving her. She killed herself because she was sick of being used by her father. Her dad realizes what he’s done and he kills himself.

In a last attempt to truly hurt Bobo, the gang leader tells Fiji about Bobo’s past and his white supremacist family. Just then, Lemuel unleashes himself on the gang members and saves Bobo and Fiji. Bobo destroys all the weapons and kills Aubrey’s husband.

Creek is cool with Manfred’s past. He tried to make good.

Will Fiji forgive Bobo?

We haven’t seen Bobo without his shirt, so Fiji needs to forgive him.

Do we have any more characters with parental issues? Specifically, what issues does a fallen angel have with his daddy? And what just killed the armadillo? Turn in next week to find out!


Photo Source: NBC Midnight, Texas

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