There are major spoilers in this recap if you haven’t watched the episode. In this episode, Aubrey’s murder and the mysterious disappearances of other women are explained. And no one likes the answer.

Teens vandalize Midnight, leaving a girl behind when Lemuel scares them off. The girl goes missing. Everyone in Midnight helps find the girl to prevent the police showing up on their doorstep.

Fiji is harassed by the demon that she exorcised from Manfred’s house. All the citizen’s of Midnight are reporting stronger urges, more spirit sightings. Rev implores Joe to tell everyone what is happening. But Joe insists if he does, “they” will come for him.

Creek and Manfred find a girl, but it isn’t the Davy girl. It’s the groupie from when the vampires were in town. Manfred can’t speak to her spirit because it has already moved on.

Bobo finally understands Aubrey wasn’t killed by her husband. So someone else has been killing these women.

Creek is worried her dad is abusing her brother. When she checks on him at home, Manfred starts having headaches again.

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Connor, Creek’s brother, is found wandering in the desert. He doesn’t know who hit him from behind. When everyone gets frustrated, Rev tells Joe’s secret about the veil. Rev says he was protecting his source.

Lem and Manfred find the missing girl and Creek’s dad is with her. They take him into custody. It isn’t difficult to believe he did all these murders since he has been abusive and drunk.

Manfred goes investigating and hears all the voices of the dead in Connor’s room. He then finds the evidence that Connor, not dad, killed all the women. The missing girl confirms it.

This serial killer doesn’t seem to be the result of the veil splitting. He was this way before dad moved them to Midnight. Creek’s dad hid this from her and had her protect her monster of a little brother. Possibly her dad wanted her to stay away from Manfred because he’d eventually learn the killer’s identity after speaking to so many dead people.

Connor convinces his sister to leave town with him because he doesn’t feel safe with dad. The conversation with her brother goes south, and she learns who he really is.

Joe finally reveals himself to be an angel when he goes looking for Creek. Who will be coming to get him, now that he’s out of the closet? The heavenly closet, he was openly out of the other closet from the first episode.

In the end, Lemuel has no problem killing Creek’s teenage brother. He doesn’t even drink his blood. He probably doesn’t want to be tainted. Creek tells her father to stay the hell out of her life for hiding this and making her feel like she had to protect her poor brother all these years.

Will Fiji forgive Bobo? Will Creek ever get over her brother’s evil? What exactly will be headed to Midnight now that Joe has revealed himself? Stay tuned next week!

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