Now that the mystery of who killed Aubrey and all the other women is solved, we can move onto other mysteries. Creek, who just lost her serial killer brother and sent her father away, doesn’t have much time to rest. A bigger problem blows into town a mere two days later.

The first mystery is why Joe is so worried about being outed as an angel? Is God after his fallen children? Are demons out for an ancient vendetta? No, another fallen angel, Bowie is out for blood. She trained Joe, he was her greatest student and frankly, she looks at him as if she expects a great love to develop. That never happened. Joe walked away from her for Chuy, a reformed half-demon. Their love is forbidden in a world where an angel’s only purpose is to occasionally help humans, but mostly kill demons.

When Bowie arrives on scene, she immediately wreaks havoc. She’s a sadistic being who hates humans almost as much as she hates demons.

(It’s a shame Olivia and Bowie didn’t get to fight or have a lady’s night out. They probably would have gotten along.) This angel taunts her prey before killing without mercy. Upon arrives in Midnight she attacks but doesn’t kill the Rev. Then she goes after the rest of Midnight’s citizens in search of Joseph.

Bowie can read minds and hates all supernatural people, so most everyone in town is in danger. When she comes after Manfred, he “hides” by letting his grandmother’s spirit possess him. This jumbles Manfred’s head too much to be read by Bowie and it sort of scares her too. Francois Arnaud does an incredible job of impersonating any character that possesses Manfred.

Joe and Chuy come out of the closet with their angel-demon love. It is the last resort to ask for everyone help. They devise a plan to send Bowie through the portal to hell.

On a positive note, Bowie’s love of divulging human secrets manages to reveal lots of Midnighters’ secrets and confessions. Bobo tells Fiji that he loves her, without any prompting. She doesn’t respond well.

And Olivia tells Lemuel that she is going to leave him when she gets older because she doesn’t want to be turned into a vampire. Creek also tells Manfred she loves him, but she is under duress from Bowie.

While holding Creek and the rest of the gang hostage, Bowie picks on Creek. Reminding her that she feels guilty about not saving people from her brother and that Manfred wasn’t any help in detecting the problem.

The town folk and super naturals manage to hide from Bowie (in their very small, one road town) long enough for Joe to tell Manfred that he believes Manfred is the prophesized savior of the next prophecy apocalypse.

The plan to send Bowie through the portal doesn’t work. Chuy steps in to save Joe who isn’t putting up too much of a fight. Apparently, Chuy, with his half-demon blood, is stronger than the strongest, more ancient, angel. I can see why Joe likes him so much now.

It takes a little time, but Joe manages to talk Chuy back into human form. Love must be the more powerful against Chuy’s type of demon. After this run in with his demon half, Chuy realizes he has to leave town because he can’t control his demon side much longer.

Finally, Creek insists she needs to find herself. She’s always been defined by someone else and she needs to be alone. She’s breaking up with Manfred. So he hightails it out of town.

Will Manfred come back to town to close the portal to hell? Find out next week with a new episode on Monday and a second episode on Tuesday! Hint: Manfred is in the previews, so I think he does return.

Photo Source: NBC Midnight, Texas

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