Our gang’s stories go off the rails this week as evil feelings flood Midnight. And poor Manfred is deathly pale all episode. He’s going through withdrawal of his pain meds. But let’s be honest, he pulls pale and broody off very well.

A demon heads to Midnight, disguised in whoever’s face he can rip off. He doesn’t glamour himself into a friendly form, he literally rips off people’s faces and wears them. The demon is delivering a sacrifice to open the doors to hell in Midnight.

Manfred – who drove into the sunset after Creek’s rejection, last episode – goes back to Midnight after granny tells him of her vision. He doesn’t go entirely of his own will, the RV breaks down. Manfred’s so desperate to not go back to Midnight, that he walks out into the desert to find a gas station. I’m not sure that’s exactly why Jesus walked into the desert, but it has the same effect. 

As he wonders through the desert and ultimately passes out, Manfred and Granny’s past is revealed. His mother left him with grandma because she didn’t know how to manage a child who sees ghosts. Granny raised him.

(So is mom still out there for a future story line?) We also learned Manfred was present at Grandma’s death. She took her own life rather than die in pain. He gave her one last drink.


After stumbling in circles for the rest of the day, he ends up at the RV again and passes out. When Manfred comes to, Granny is waiting in the desert night for him. Granny tells Manfred the same story as Joe, with Manfred at the center of Midnight’s salvation. She is normally tethered to the inside of the RV, but her purpose has been served, so her spirit is able to move on. She leaves. Manfred decides he has to go back and save everyone.

Manfred doesn’t get much time to recover from his Grandma’s final exit before he has his temptation with the devil. It is not the devil, just the minor face-stealing demon. He lets Manfred hitch a ride. And it isn’t really a temptation, it’s an attempt on his life. The demon wants Manfred’s pretty face for his collection. Manfred escapes by hiding in the back of the demon’s truck with all the bodies to be sacrificed.

Meanwhile back in Midnight, after a suicide attempt by Figi’s friend, Fiji creates a potion to reverse the happy-suck going on by the evil spirt in Midnight. A simple potion destroys the connection the negative hold the spirit has over people. It is the same spirit that keeps speaking to Fiji.

Creek is feeling so depressed about her brother and father that she asks Lemuel to leach off her feelings. Olivia steps in, saying it’s too complicated a process for Lemuel to do. Olivia’s a wee bit jealous for someone who plans on walking out on her lover in the future.

Manfred regains a signal on his phone and tips Fiji off to the demon headed straight for Midnight.

At that point, the veil breaks for Lemuel and he goes after Olivia. He wants to keep her by his side for eternity, and he’s willing to force the issue.

And Creek decides she doesn’t want to live anymore. The voice has been attacking her as well. Fiji and Manfred arrive in time with the potion for Creek. It works immediately. Bobo helps Olivia deliver the potion to Lemuel. The potion works on vampires as well.

While everyone is preoccupied with these personal problems, the face-ripping demon has set up his sacrifice in the middle of the street. (Seriously, did none of the other town folk notice a guy dumping bodies in the middle of their main street?)

Team Midnight’s thwarting efforts were pretty lame. The bodies were doused with gasoline. And the demon’s going to torch them with a lighter. The gang simple walks up to the demon and grab his arms. Is it that easy? Fiji hears the other, more powerful demon who is being released with the sacrifice. It’s the same voice she’s heard for weeks, Kolkonar. Kolkonar, splits the ground, igniting the bodies, and completing the sacrifice.

The faceless demon grabs Fiji for Kolkonar. Manfred can see the dead spirits of the sacrificed men and asks them to drag the faceless demon back to hell. I guess the dead are stronger than this demon. They manage to break Fiji free and pull no-face to hell.

After another day of vanquishing demons, Fiji continues giving poor Bobo the cold shoulder. Creek on the other hand, agrees that Manfred is welcome back at the house. (That’s nice of her, considering Manfred’s the one on the lease.) He gets a bit of color back in his cheeks after that. That’s much better.

Will Fiji forgive Bobo? Will Kolkonar get his hands on Fiji? What will Kolkanar look like, does he have a face? Will Olivia change her mind about being changed? Will Creek and Manfred be living under the same roof as friends? Stay tuned for the next episode Wednesday, September 13th! Will “Riders on the Storm” be dedicated to the Houston and Florida?

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