In our second episode of the week, the gang rides out a storm that is far less intense than those dealing with Hurricane Irma, even with the gates of hell opening.

The voice Fiji has been hearing manifests as a demon who only Fiji can see. He’s been calling Fiji to Kolkonar. Fiji finally loses it and throws fire at the phantom, almost killing Bobo and Manfred. Lemuel and Bobo interrupts her argument with the unseen minion before she torches the whole town.

Fiji’s story is told this week. She moved to Midnight after torching a hospital room and breaking all the windows in her college dorm. She learns she must be a witch, like her aunt.

In her early years in Midnight, Fiji had a boyfriend who she loved dearly. When they tried to consummate their love, her feelings burned so intensely that she torched her boyfriend. Oops. Could this be why she hasn’t let Bobo get close?

When a sandstorm suddenly kicks up in Midnight, Joe insists this is how the veil opened before. Manfred makes Creek leave to save herself, but everyone else stays behind to dig up a shaman who died closing the veil last time. Manfred assumes he’ll speak to the shaman’s spirit, but the body is completely gone and his spirit has probably already passed on.

Fiji continues pushing Bobo away, telling him he should have taken the hint when she didn’t say “I love you back.”

The gang realizes Fiji can’t be helped in town. Even her home isn’t safe from Kolkonar, despite being inhospitable to the dead. Kolkonar isn’t dead, just a demon. So with the shaman grave going bust up, they all decide to leave town. Meanwhile Creek crashes her car and decides to head back to town.

Olivia is still mad at Lemuel, but she helps evacuate him in daylight hours. Manfred goes back to save Mr. Snuggles, while the rest of the team take off in what appears to be the tour bus from the vampires earlier this season.

Manfred get a ride with Creek, giving them an opportunity to work on their feelings.

Driving out of the storm works for a while, then the storm starts to follow the Midnighters. They decide to hold up in the saloon. (Who’s saloon is it that they can just break in?) Fiji confesses that this demon and sandstorm is looking for her. She’s one of the most powerful witches possible, a virgin witch, an old virgin witch. She is beyond embarrassed. But Manfred convinces her of a plan to beat Kolkonar.

The plan involves black magic, and so a life must be sacrificed. The Rev volunteers, but Fiji’s cat, Mr. Snuggles steps in to volunteer.

He is sick of living and misses his original owner. He openly announces he always hated Fiji. See, he’s still a cat, magic or not.

The ritual goes awry and the cat doesn’t die, Manfred does. Fiji is besides herself.

While dead, Manfred speaks to the shaman whose grave they dug up earlier. Manfred hears the secret to closing the gates to hell and he pops back to life.

Once Manfred comes to, the gang realizes Fiji has taken off through the sand storm. She was lured by the phantom of her old love, with the promise that no one else will die if she turns herself over to Kolkonar.

Will Kolkonar get his hands on Fiji? Will Bobo gets his hands on Kolkonar before the demon gets to Fiji? Will Olivia go back to Lemuel? Will Mr. Snuggles find peace? Stay tuned for the season finale to find out!

Photo Source: NBC Midnight, Texas

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