by Barbara and Alex Doyle

Z Nation Season Two Episode Six Zombie Baby Daddy Cassandra Pisay Pao 10K Nat Zang

Things take a turn for the darker this week as we open in a flat out slugfest, with our group playing a post apocalyptic game of Zombie Keep Away using baby Lucy as the ball. Warren is hacking with her machete, Vasquez is taking zombies for a spin with the bicycle gear club that we last saw in episode Batch 47, Doc is going all Al Capone with a baseball bat rather than his usual tire iron, 10K is gearing up with his slingshot, and Addy is swinging the Z whacker like it’s still under warranty. Doc briefly takes refuge in a bus filled with zombified Abraham Lincoln impersonators, narrowly escaping while the rest of our crew clears them out, temporarily out of asses to kick.

Z Nation Season Two Episode Six S2E06 Zombie Baby Daddy Undead Lincolns
History comes alive!

Recovering in a wooded quarry/logging camp/graveyard(?) Vasquez wanders off again. He is spotted by 10K, who is returning to the campsite with a fresh fish dinner (thank God lake trout don’t zombify.) As Warren goes off to see what Vasquez is doing, the rest decide they should try to see how baby Lucy is faring. Unwilling to hand her over, Murphy stalks off with her, informing Cassandra that no one should follow him, reminder her: “Nobody leaves.”

Z Nation Season Two Episode Six S2E06 Zombie Baby Daddy Cassandra Doc Addy 10K
I’m talking to you, but I’m looking out for her.

Addy, Doc, and 10K split up to see what Murphy is up to, but Cassandra runs down Addy and twists her arm until Addy’s screams, bring Doc and 10K back. Realizing that something has to be done, and that “Cassandra” isn’t really Cassandra any more, 10K tells the others to get ready to run while he goes to talk to her.

Warren follows Vasquez into town where she spies him meeting up with a group of Zeroes. Their meeting goes poorly after Vazquez shoots one of them in the head. The others jump him and are about to execute him when Warren starts firing. The remaining Zero manages to wound Warren and Vasquez before getting eaten by his downed comrades.

Z Nation Season Two Episode Six S2E06 Zombie Baby Daddy Roberta Warren Kelitta Smith
And people are complaining about Obamacare?

Bleeding out, they flee to a hospital, where Vasquez stitches up Warren’s shoulder wound, and when she returns the favor, she gets Vasqez’s backstory about being a D.E.A agent whose wife and kid were brutally killed by a Zero who had a face tattoo on his arm, which explains why he’s going all Inigo Montoya on every Zero he finds.

Meanwhile, Murphy, followed by a trio of zombie fanboys finds a house with a childless man and woman in it. Seeing no hope for Lucy with the rest of the group he asks them if they would adopt her, which goes pretty well until they see her Smurf like quality. As Murphy is getting kicked out, he asks them if they could do one more thing for him.

Z Nation Season Two Episode Six S2E06 Zombie Baby Daddy Keith Allan Murphy Lucy Zombaby
Uh oh. Someone’s cutting zomb-onions again.

Back at the campsite, 10K’s attempt to talk to Cassandra has turned into a fight where he is very nearly killed before having to mercy her. You can almost see the turning point in his head—we think future 10K is going to be a very different person indeed.

Z Nation Season Two Episode Six S2E06 Zombie Baby Daddy Cassandra Pisay Pao Death Brown Eyes
Anyone else hearing Crystal Gale singing “don’t it make my zomb-eyes brown”? Just me then?

Everyone returns to camp as he is burying her, heartbroken. The rest of the survivors sympathize except for Murphy, who goes to throw down with 10K for killing his apostle. 10K is more than willing since he sees Murphy as the man who took Cassandra’s humanity—he didn’t help her, he hurt her. Warren intervenes and the situation is defused, for now.

Z Nation Season Two Episode Six S2E06 Zombie Baby Daddy Zombaby Lucy

As the episode closes we see the couple in the house saying how lucky they are to have baby Lucy, and as the camera switches to her point of view, we see both of them have Murphy’s bite marks on their faces.

Still Alive: Warren, Vasquez, Doc, 10K and Addy, and Murphy and Zombaby Lucy (kinda)

10K’S Kill Count: 3255 

What we loved:

The zombie woodland creatures – it’s like George Romero’s Bambi.

Vasquez telling Warren to leave the bullet in him, since trying to dig it out would be more dangerous.

Things taking a darker turn between Murphy and the rest of the group, but between him and 10K in particular. Things are never going to be the same after this.

Seen edge on, currency Abe Lincoln wasn’t obvious, but once he turned, the penny dropped.

As a seamstress, Barbara loved the realistically awful stitching done in the hospital.

10K still having marks on his face from last episode’s brush with Anthrax.

The letterbox framing the opening fight and 10K’s fight with Cassandra.

Cassandra’s eyes turning back to her human brown as she dies. 

What bugged us:

Cassandra’s death. We’d thought she could be a key in solving the puzzle of the virus. Turns out we’ll never know.

The ultimate end to 10k and Cassandra’s unrequited love. We were hoping that things between them would end up more like a John Hughes movie than a Quentin Tarantino.

What we didn’t see coming

Z Nation Season Two Episode Six S2E06 Zombie Baby Daddy Parents Pa Ma Kettle

Murphy’s solution for finding a home for Lucy. It makes total sense that his creations would look out for each other.

Quote worthy lines:

Doc, seeing the undead Lincolns*: “Holy acid flashback man!” (and later) “Oh good. You see them too.”

Warren: “She’s not a baby. She’s something else. She could grow up to be the savior of the human race or the Queen of Destruction, and we need to find out which, and do what we gotta do.”

Doc: “Can we talk to her?”
Addy: “I don’t think she’s in a talking mood.”
10K: “She’ll talk to me.”

Vasquez, after telling Warren about the Zero that killed his family.
Warren: “So how do you know he’s even alive?”
Vasquez: “Someone that evil? He’s alive.”
Warren: “Probably right.”

Zombie Kill Of The Week:

10K finishing Penny Lincoln**, and it merging into the opening credits.

Z Nation Season Two Episode Six S2E06 Zombie Baby Daddy Zombie Kill of the Week ZKOTW

*The Undead Lincolns is totally going to be our new band name.
**Penny Lincoln will be our female bass player.

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