We begin this week with a peek into the past as Klaus begins to explain via voiceover his experiences with Lucian, and subsequently, the bratty Tristian and his sister Aurora. Lucian was quite the lovesick little puppy in his human form while Klaus was making time with his girl. Klaus, you’re such a heartbreaker!

1 - The Originals 3x03 I’ll See You in Hell or in New Orleans

What you need to know:

It is the prophecy that is on the forefront of everyone’s mind this week as Klaus and Elijah attempt to figure out who will take part in bringing down the originals. Klaus is determined to take out Lucian since he qualifies as both friend and foe, but Elijah wants some questions answered first. And it seems like he isn’t the only one.

Our local NOLA Police (after unapologetically stealing the intel from Camille’s laptop) have their own questions and drag an amused Lucian down to the station where he promptly compels his way into speaking to Cami alone. Seems Cami is becoming quite infamous.

2 - The Originals 3x03 I’ll See You in Hell or in New Orleans

Lucian apparently believes that he can soften Cami with the sad story of how he was betrayed by Klaus, beaten and mutilated by Tristan (in a very familiar way, we might add – with a knife-slice smile), and left for dead… only to find himself undead.

This is quite the origin story. Not just for Lucian, but for Klaus as well. This was the first time they realized their abilities to not only heal with their blood, but to turn others into beings like themselves. Much like with heretic Valerie on The Vampire Diaries, these origins seem unintentional and sad. It explains how a person can easily turn from lovesick human to witch bitch and cocky killer.

Though Lucian’s story of woe didn’t quite convince Cami of his innocence, he insists that he is. He explains that the real killer wants to poison him against Klaus and perhaps wants Klaus dead himself. Lucian admits knowing that Camille is in Klaus’s good graces, and that he needs Klaus to trust him (for his own protection of course). Cami is not convinced. Neither are we, and neither is Klaus.

3 - The Originals 3x03 I’ll See You in Hell or in New Orleans

Elijah and Cami are responsible for Lucian being allowed to creep on for another day. They convince Klaus to leave him be until they know more about what is really happening here and about this mysterious weapon that can supposedly kill them.

What makes me wonder:

Again, we see Jackson and Hayley heating things up in this episode, but in the previews for next week we find her in a ball gown accompanying Elijah. What does Jackson think of this, I wonder?

Also, Camille admits to being back at square one with the homicides, but was she not within earshot at least twice when Lucian was throwing blame at Tristan? Are you deaf, girlfriend? TRISTAN! And his creepy mental sister … who is apparently on her way to New Orleans right about… now.

What is coming up:

Marcel has received an indecent proposal from one of the oldest vampire societies to return him to his throne. Will he take them up on their offer to join their exclusive membership or will he heed Elijah’s words of warning?

4 - The Originals 3x03 I’ll See You in Hell or in New Orleans

It would seem that they are all vampires of Elijah’s sire-line, and Tristan is one of them. Why make Tristan a vampire? I have no doubt we will find out soon.


Elijah: “I’m afraid we might have to resort to something deliciously medieval here, brother.”

Klaus: “Have you finally forgiven me?”
Elijah: “I will consider it. When Hayley forgives you, Gia rises from the dead, and hell freezes over.”

Elijah: “I never could resist a good spoiler.”



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