This week we learn even more about the early days of The Original vampires and how their sire-lines were started. The episode opens with a love letter to Aurora from Klaus. His letter speaks of regret for drawing her into his cursed life, not even having a name for what beasts they are. Ultimately, he admits to his desire for her and the feeling that only she makes him feel like the man he wanted to be.

It seems that Klaus wasn’t always the vicious villain we have come to know him as, though love does tend to bring out his softer side.

1 - The Originals 3x05 The Axeman’s Letter

Aurora has made her presence known to Klaus with poetry and flowers, oh and a dead body. Unhinged much? Klaus sets out to find his former flame, ignoring Elijah’s attempts to reveal a secret he knows about her and their departure from one another.

As he searches the city, we see more of their intimate moments together in flashback, as she begs him to make her in his image. She wants to be a vampire. Klaus refuses to damn her to his fate as, he says, she is perfect just as she is.

Ah, so Klaus and Aurora are the original Edward and Bella. (See what I did there? Hah.)

Meanwhile Cami and Not Finn Vincent (yes, I had to go look up his actual name) are tailing Lucian around the city, still on the hunt for their serial killer. Being a vampire, he knows he is being followed and plucks Cami off the streets for a confrontation.

She uses Klaus as a threat should harm be done against her, but that only angers Lucian more. He is angered that Cami would assume to know him as she knows Klaus and, in his raging fit, shows her exactly what he is capable of: murdering more humans. Camille is left knowing this latest murder is – at least, in some part – her fault.

Even though it is Camille and Vincent who are trying to stop these murders, Cami now finds herself as NOLA’s newest suspect. Thanks, Lucian.

Officer Kinney has used Cami’s past against her to obtain a warrant (what a buttface!) and, with perfect timing, finds her with Vincent looking through all the black magic items that her uncle left in her care for something to help them get rid of Lucian. With Camille’s closet of “creepy knickknacks,” Kinney now has probable cause and promptly arrests her.

2 - The Originals 3x05 The Axeman’s Letter

Klaus finally finds Aurora in a perfume shop, where she admits that she is also in New Orleans to protect her sire …Rebecca? As it turns out, when Tristan forbade her to see Klaus, Aurora was so devastated that she attempted to kill herself. Rebecca found her, wrists slashed, and healed her with her blood, all while calling her a stupid girl. As Aurora discusses her pain and the demons that live in her head, she speaks jealously of all that the Mikaelson family has that she does not. They do not get sick and when wounded, they heal. You see in those moments that – if not already planned, and we cannot be sure – she remembers how Lucian was made and how she can make herself.

3 - The Originals 3x05 The Axeman’s Letter

When Rebecca leaves her, she jumps out the window, falling to her human death only to raise again finally a vampire. A sneaky little git, that one. That’s all we need …another mentally unstable vampire.

Across town, Davina is celebrating “witch Christmas” and has enlisted Hayley and Jackson to be her bodyguards. After having Hayley kill so many witches in a previous episode, she fears she has become a target herself. As long as Davina holds the candle that burns to keep the crescent wolfs human, they are left with no choice but to hear her out and play babysitter.

4 - The Originals 3x05 The Axeman’s Letter

Her people shower her with gifts of goats and pigs. Frustrated, she exclaims to Hayley her wish to just once maybe get a gift card! (Word.) Being the leader of a wolf pack, Hayley decides to give the young Davina some advice: old lady scarfs equal old lady gifts and, if she wants respect, she has to show them who she really is, not who she is pretending to be. In return for her kindness, Davina lets Hayley know that the curse is permanently lifted. They will stay human and she would rather have a friend than a bodyguard. Good move! They both could use gal pals.

Klaus, obviously lost in the memories of what they once had, kisses Aurora. Though lost for the moment, he quickly recovers and angrily reminds her why they were not the great love story they could have been: when she refused to run with him as they fled her family’s court, she spoke of what a monster he was and how he didn’t deserve her love, so he left, heartbroken, and did not turn back.

5 - The Originals 3x05 The Axeman’s Letter

Aurora finally shares Elijah’s secret. In his frustration and arrogance, he forced her to tell him what it was that Klaus had confided in her. She relinquishes the information: that it was Klaus that killed their mother, not Mikael. She is immediately devastated that she has betrayed Klaus, not even understanding why she did. She had been compelled. Elijah now getting his first taste of their power to compel and feeling betrayed himself, he tells Aurora that she will see him as the monster he truly is. Klaus now knows that everything said that left him broken so long ago was a lie. A lie constructed by Elijah.

What is Klaus to do now? React with violence, of course. As Klaus confronts him, he blames Elijah for putting him on this path of monstrous destruction and distrust and, ultimately, creating the person he is now. Elijah is fed up, tired of all the blame and tired of carrying Klaus for centuries. So, now he is done. If Klaus wants a fight, so be it.

It is sad how so much harm can be done just trying to protect others from it.

What I’m loving (and hating):

Any chance to see Rebecca again is a good one. I really wish we could see her more often; I dislike that they seem to have to split up screen time between these lovely ladies instead of having them all in the same episode. Last week we missed Camille and, this week, it was Freya. Put these girls in some scenes together, will ya?

What is coming up:

Marcel, using his new position in the Strix, has been tailing Tristan trying to determine exactly what he is up to. Elijah doesn’t trust him and, frankly, neither does Marcel. He confides in Elijah that he watched Tristan enter a building and never leave, meaning he must be using the underground tunnels that lead to a building owned by none other than our friend, Lucian Castle. Could they be working together? Why?


Hayley: “I’ll keep you alive, but if you wear that awful orange scarf you’ll wish I hadn’t.”

Cami: “Oh yeah, hey, Vincent – you want to check out my creepy collection of black magic knickknacks?”

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